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Syncs with WW app!

Tracks 6 biometrics! 1. weight 2. body fat 3. body water 4. muscle mass 5. bone mass 6. BMI

Provides for more accountability!

Helps builds healthy habits!

The scale will be shipped directly to your home. Batteries are even included!

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why we love this

It's proven: Frequent weight tracking helps you lose more weight—and keep it off. Science shows tracking your weight more frequently helps you lose more of it.* Plus, members who keep their weight off are 17 times more likely to weigh themselves at least once a week.** The WW Bluetooth Body Weight Scale makes it easier to turn weight tracking into a seamless routine: simply hook it up to your WW app via Bluetooth and it will automatically record and track your numbers.

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new year, new start, new chances

this could be your best year ever!

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a brand new year is here, and that means one thing: It's time to kickstart your goals for 2023!

If getting healthy and losing weight is your goal, you wouldn't be the only one. It's the #1 "resolution" of 2023!

at Weight Watchers we don't believe in resolutions ...

arm yourself with the right tools and partners ... get everything you need to reach your goal:

A Weight Watchers Studio where you meet with your Coach and fellow Members; Virtual Workshops where your Coach and fellow Members meet on Zoom, right from home. (You can enjoy all the benefits of the program without having to leave the house!); and you get the fabulous award winning Weight Watchers App which becomes your tool of choice quite fast! It does everything except talk to you ...we're working on that 😉

Start 2023 off on a healthy note. And we have you covered with 60 years of expertise - upgrading with new scientific knowledge every two years since our beginning - in helping people lose weight and adopt healthy habits that are livable and sustainable.

the Weight Watchers program is designed to be flexible to your lifestyle and allows you to still eat the foods you love and see results that last.

with Weight Watchers on your side, losing weight in 2023 doesn't have to be a chore or mean you'll miss out on the foods you love most. There are recipes below that'll appeal to everyone's taste buds, and you'll have thousands more once you're a Member. These delights make it possible to shed those extra pounds you've been trying hard to ditch. But you're not tied to eating the same foods day after day with limited foods for each meal and snack like on diets.

If you lose weight on a diet, it's temporary, it'll be back.

You can't be bored. Your favorite food can't be on a holding pattern. You can't think I can't wait til I lose weight and get back to normal. You can't fad diet. Juice Diet. Super Powder Diets and on and on!

say Goodbye ... say Hello. You never learned how to master your appetite; portion control; or have your cake and eat it! You simply didn't learn how to eat. But now the secret is out...

the secret is the Weight Watchers program

the secret is our simple program gives each of you a Points® budget, which makes weekly meal planning seamless. You can prepare and savor all of the delicious recipes you love; as well as eat out with friends; go to family events; even enjoy your beers (Save up! They're as low as 3 Points (Corona Light) each. Track and plan ahead for a fun time watching the Eagles win another Super Bowl!

In addition, each Member has over 200 ZeroPoint® foods to choose from, honing in on lean protein, non-starchy vegetables, and fruits. Keep in mind that protein and fiber-packed foods on the ZeroPoint® list can help you feel fuller for longer, supporting your overall weight loss.

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this week . . .

we'll be focusing on food tracking routine!

Three fast facts:

01/ food tracking is one of the strongest predictors of weight loss.

02/ it works because it helps us be aware of our choices and any changes we want to make.

03/ research shows that tracking consistently is more important than tracking every detail perfectly.

What are three things you do every day without even thinking? Maybe it’s brushing your teeth, making the bed, or checking your email. To reap the weight-loss benefits of tracking, make it just another part of your routine.

it’s scientifically proven: Tracking is the biggest predictor of weight loss, because it takes you from eating on autopilot to eating with awareness. Tracking has helped millions of members master portion sizes, turn mindless snacking into mindful snacking, and plan ahead so they can fit in their favorite foods

being mindful of how much you eat, move, and whether you're gaining, losing, or maintaining your weight can help you see your progress more clearly. After all, the number on the scale is only one indicator of overall health: Wellness is about building habits that last a lifetime.

How does tracking work? 

Tracking makes you more aware of:

What you’re eating

How much you’re eating

How many Points® you’re using...

so you can decide...

Whether those foods are “worth it” to you!

a few pointers

  • Be as accurate and honest as you can.

  • Track in the moment, if you can.

  • Be kind to yourself.
Not every day is going to be perfect. And that’s okay. Focus on small, simple things (like planning your next meal) and you’ll be right back on track.

pro tips

  • Use the Barcode Scanner. Scan the barcode of almost any packaged food and it’ll automatically calculate the Points values for you.

  • Take a pic. Don’t have time to track? Take a picture and track it later. It’ll also help you remember exactly what you ate.

  • Pre-track your meal. Planning ahead will help you know how many PersonalPoints you have to spend and what you want to spend them on

the Weight Watchers program is

for people who want to lose weight.

right from the start, eat your favorites.

no diet. no deprivation. no kidding!

wishing you a happy,

healthy and peaceful new year

from all of us at

Weight Watchers of Philadelphia

–Deb W, General Manager

and Voice of Philadelphia

Dear WW Philadelphia Member,

I suffer from a fake disease I call food amnesia. I can’t remember breakfast, so I eat it again before here are my thoughts about tracking food:


Tracking makes me aware of what I’ve eaten and how much of it I ate. I’m also very aware tracking is a HARD habit to learn and continue...but something interesting about it, people who maintain their weight loss continue to track in some way.


My recommendation has always been, find a way to track that works for you. If you haven’t been "a regular"-- track one more meal or one more day than you did last week. Perfection is not needed, consistency is. About the time you start tracking 4 days a week you’ll be seeing that scale move a little in your intended direction.


If you prefer using paper or a journal, that’s great. Your way is the good way if it's what works for you. If writing down the detail of the meal isn’t your style, that’s okay too. Keep a tally of remaining Points™. That’s the information you need to know.


Or here’s one more idea; aim for a certain number of Points for each meal and snack. For example, if you have 23 Points per day to use, try something like, 6 for breakfast, 8 for lunch and 9 for dinner. By using some ZeroPoint® foods in your three meals you can glean some Points out for snacks and there’s always those weekly Points that can be used anytime they’re needed.


Our Staff is looking forward to seeing your return to their workshops. The power of the meeting is Staff and Members like you encouraging each other. Holding each other up, sharing ideas and food favorites. That’s what makes the Weight Watchers Community strong and Members successful in achieving healthier weights and lives.

Oh! By the way, look at our New Year Special! Join on our six month plan now, and get a free bluetooth scale shipped directly to you! It's our best offer and I hope you take advantage of it. The scale is a terrific gift and will support us all in our weight loss endeavor! (I love mine).


Have a great week WW friend,

Deb Wright

General Manager

Voice of Philadelphia

tracking keeps you aware and helps you lose and maintain

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track activity, visualize your achievements

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those who track what they eat tend to lose the most weight

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tracking your sleep can be a powerful wellness tool

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no strict meal plans, just strictly delicious

Wondering what foods you can eat on Weight Watchers? Here’s just a taste of the 12,000+ recipes you’ll get when you sign up. There’s something for everyone.

baked ravioli

salmon niçoise salad

air fried baja tacos

cran-orange cake

sausage breakfast

bacon pickle pizza

pasta puttanesca

peanut noodles

nacho-style fries

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