September 2021
Meet curricular outcomes in a fun, engaging way.
Welcome to the new school year! Agriculture education provides the opportunity to create memorable learning experiences for students as they explore their personal connection to food and agriculture.

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Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy school year!
Season Change Scavenger Hunt
GRADES K TO 2 | Careers, Sci
An outdoor adventure to find Fall items such as leaves, seeds, and fruits that students then connect back to work done by farmers as seasons change.

Saskatchewan Seed Kit
GRADE 3 | Sci, SS
Students explore 13 samples of Saskatchewan's most common seed varieties and engage in activities to identify the seeds and learn about crop production in Saskatchewan.

Soil Testing in the Schoolyard
GRADES 7 TO 9 | Sci
Students test soil nutrients in their schoolyard to determine whether it is a fit place for a future garden. Testing supplies, lesson plan, procedure documents and a presentation all included.

snapAG Jeopardy
GRADES 9 TO 12 | Hlth, Sci, SS
A fun, engaging way to challenge students with questions that discuss hot topics affecting the agriculture industry. Available to download in French and English, PLUS order your class set of over 70 snapAG information sheets!

Virtual Food Farms
GRADES 3 TO 4 | Province-wide

Classes work through stations that include a short video, learning resources and a hands-on activity that teach about where food comes from. The first 50 teachers to register will receive a Food Farm Learning Kit with all materials for the hands-on activities.
Global Biotech Week
GRADES 6 TO 12 | Province-wide

Starting September 27th, teachers can register to receive a learning kit and optional classroom presentation that explore bioscience in a fun way.
Launching September 28th, students are invited to participate in the Bioscience in Saskatchewan Video Challenge.
Resource Curriculum Map Tool

Integrating AITC resources into your classroom has never been easier! Coming soon, this tool will provide recommended resources that are mapped to curricular outcomes for each grade, ensuring hands-on, memorable learning experiences for your students.