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SpaMedica Monthly Newsletter        Volume 1 - Issue No. 5

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April 2015



Lie down, browse your phone or tablet and lose fat off your body without surgery. Within a few visits, you'll see a noticeable difference in your figure and shape.  These packages are perfect for you if you've got some stubborn fat you can't shed no matter how hard you workout or how well you eat. Not ready or too squeamish for surgery? Then a non-surgical body contouring package is right for you.


SpaMedica has been combating fat with non-invasive treatments for over 10 years. Dr. Mulholland and his team are the most experienced in Canada with combining technologies that gives you visible results in fat reduction and skin tightening. Unlike other centres, SpaMedica offers multiple technologies with your treatments to enhance your fat reduction and skin tightening results.


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Below are just some of the non-surgical body contouring packages we offer:



This fat reduction treatment uses cold temperatures to kill fat cells in areas of unwanted fat.  The device sucks fat into a chamber where the temperatures are then dropped below freezing.


The fat cell's temperature drops to the point where the cell disables. It undergoes a permanent death cycle in response to the cold exposure. Up to 22% of the fat cells in the treated area will die. 


BodyFX and UltraShape are often combined during CoolSculpting treatments to enhance your permanent fat reduction. BodyFX is a radiofrequency energy-based treatment, while UltraShape uses focused ultrasound energy to reduce your fat for good. 

 Dr. Mulholland says CoolSculpting is the least invasive treatment at SpaMedica's MedSpa. 
Most CoolSculpting patients see 2-3 centimetres of fat reduction after just one treatment.  




BodyFx treatments use radiofrequency energy for permanent fat reduction and cellulite improvement. The RF energy tightens the skin and high-tech voltage electrical pulses results in permanent death of unwanted fat cells. After combined treatments, patients can expect 2-6 centimetres of permanent fat reduction in the abdomen area. They can also see 3-5 centimetres of fat reduced from the inner and outer thighs.






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