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On April 14, 2020, Ken Bickerton, CIH, CSP and Vice President of PHASE Associates conducted a FREE Learning Webinar on Disinfecting the Workplace for COVID-19 - A Novel Challenge for A&M Industrial's A&M University. Feel free to view the You Tube:   Disinfecting the Workplace for COVID-19 to watch the video. Please contact  Ken Bickerton with any questions.
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Indoor Environment Plays Role in Virus Transmission

Indoor Air Quality
Recently, the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration (ACHR) News published an article titled, "Indoor Environment Plays Role in Virus Transmission" where they cite researchers from two universities reporting that high temperature and humidity levels may reduce the transmission of COVID-19.  However, these suggested conditions may cause occupant discomfort as they are above the ASHRAE and EPA recommended ranges for temperature and humidity. The author suggests that increased indoor ventilation may help to dilute and remove contaminants as well as providing an alternative to potentially reducing COVID-19 transmission. The article also emphasizes that there is no one measure that will solve all indoor air quality issues and that multiple controls should be implemented to create an optimal indoor environment. For the full article go to  PHASE Associates.

How is the air in your workplace or home?  Contact Adam Schwarzenberg, CIH, CSP of PHASE Associates LLC for a free consultation on how best to assess your indoor environment. PHASE Associates has the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your indoor air quality and make appropriate recommendations for improvement. 

Protecting Workers from Hexavalent Chromium Surface Accumulations
Hexavalent chromium, a.k.a Cr (VI), is a hazardous compound found in a variety of industrial processes. Hexavalent chromium is used in, but not limited to, pigments, metal finishing, wood preservatives, dyes and coatings, fungicides, and chemical synthesis processes. Hexavalent chromium may also be present in fumes generated during the production or welding of chrome alloys. To  continue reading the technical paper written by Gary Schwartz, CIH, CSP click here. To discuss how this is affecting your workplace environment and the workplace safety of your employees, contact Gary Schwartz, CIH, CSP. 
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