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FREE Ergonomic Assessments for Members

Did you know that MSA offers FREE Ergonomic Assessments in both the Industrial and Office environments? Ergonomic injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, vibration and musculoskeletal discomfort can be life changing and painful. These type of injuries not only cause undue pain and discomfort but generally increase WCB costs to your business for years to come.


Our Safety Advisors can assess tasks at your site seeking ergonomic hazards and recommending a safer process which can reduce the risk of potential ergonomic injuries.


We also conduct office ergonomic assessments, analyzing your office workstations, including your monitor, desk, chair, keyboard and mouse. Necessary adjustments to your office equipment are made while on site and a report is provided.


MSA Safety Advisors are trained and competent Certified Ergonomic Specialists (CES). For more information or to book Industrial or Office Ergonomic Assessments at no charge click here: info@motorsafety.ca


If you want to learn more about Workplace and Office Ergonomics you are invited to complete our free Ergonomic online courses:

Online Course Registration


OHC II Training September 22nd


This Thursday on September 22nd we are hosting a free live virtual workshop to train Occupational Health Committee (OHC) members on Inspections and Investigations. This recognized training course meets the requirements of OHC Level II training in Saskatchewan. To learn more or register click here:  OHC Level II Registration


Refer to our training calendar for additional course offerings this Fall and Winter: Training Calendar

2023 Safe Worker and Safe Employer Award Nominations

Nomination forms are now available to nominate a Safe Worker or Safe Employer in our industry to be recognized for their dedication to workplace safety. Please submit nomination prior to the October 31st deadline. For more information click here:

Safe Worker/Safe Employer Award Nominations

More  Updates

Virtual Museum

This year MSA is celebrating its 25th Business Anniversary! In March we launched our virtual museum to commemorate this milestone. If you missed this earlier check it out now: MSA Virtual Museum

MSA Testimonials

Have you recently received services from one of our MSA staff members? Would you be willing to complete a short testimonial? To read what other members like yourself are saying about MSA or to complete a Testimonial review click here: Testimonials

MSA Safety Advisors will be in Yorkton and Rosthern in the near future. If your business is interested in having a MSA Advisor come out at no additional charge to provide onsite safety services, contact us: info@motorsafety.ca or at 306-721-0688.

If you have any further safety information that you feel should be communicated to our industry and membership, please email: info@motorsafety.ca