Faith Communities Learning to Help the Enslaved - May 2012
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     Many members of your church are probably planning to go on vacation this summer.  The National Human Trafficking Resource Center reports hundreds of calls over the last few years to the National Hotline about potential cases of human trafficking in hotels and motels.  This included labor trafficking, where victims were staying at hotels with the crew, to sex trafficking where pimp-controlled services were operating out of a hotel.  

When members of your faith community travel this summer, will they know potential cases of human trafficking if they see it?

To receive updates from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center, run by the Polaris Project, click here.

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Backpage Continues to be Stubborn
The Vital Importance of Internet Safety
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Backpage continues to be stubborn in their refusal to remove adult ads.  They'd rather make millions then help abused girls.

Village Voice Needs a Reality Check - How Backpage is Anything But An Ally in the Fight Against Human Trafficking: 

the last 12 months alone, Backpage has generated $26 million in revenue from online prostitution advertising.  In fact, Backpage makes up 80 percentof all online prostitution ad revenue. Therefore, when McDougall and others argue that no good will come of shutting down Backpage's adult services section, they are quite simply wrong.  Of course no one denies that traffickers and buyers may shift their focuses elsewhere, but it will undoubtedly make an enormous impact to take down the forum with the overwhelming majority of all sex ads. In fact, after Craigslist shut down its adult services section, a study revealed that the site's ban sparked a 48 percent drop in the overall volume of prostitution ads online. The fewer sites out there where children are subject to exploitation, the fewer children get victimized. "

 You can learn more about what is going on with Backpage by following these links:
Sold on at age 16.

GOP Lawmakers Look to Shut Down Sex-Trafficking Through

The Vital Importance of Internet Safety

With the continued growth of the internet it is absolutely vital for churches and parents to be educated about the dangers online as well as for children to be educated.  Placing a filter on a computer is not enough as kids can go online on their phones and video game systems.  

Kids need to know the potential consequences of their actions so they are able to make better decisions.

If you are looking for resources to educate members of your faith community, NetSmartz is the best place to go.  Their website is filled with great resources, including ready-to-use powerpoint presentations.  




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Page 2 of the Faith Community Group Packet lists many ideas for activities.  I encourage you to look over that list and think about what might be best for your faith community.


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Please forward this email to any friends or colleagues affiliated with religious organizations who may be interested in working to end injustice.

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Suggested Education Tool 

Look Beneath the Surface.
This is the best video to show someone to introduce them to the reality of human trafficking here in America.