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Post Appointment Planning

While we are in the immediate of AEP, we still need to focus on the future.

Having Post Appointment Protocols are key to maintaining the momentum of AEP into January and beyond.

Earn More Referrals

According to our Pre-AEP survey, 75% of agents will use referrals as their main source of new clients this AEP.  Here are 5 methods to obtain more referrals in AEP and beyond:

  • Ask.  Tell your clients you are accepting new clients.  You are there for general questions or changing plans.
  • Send out Thank You cards - Hand written cards just after the appointment
  • Social Media - Invite your clients to like your page
  • Professional Partners - Let them know you can help their clients with Medicare
  • Annual Marketing Plan - Create an annual marketing plan to carry the momentum of AEP into January and beyond


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