Grab your lunch and join us for these lunch & learn webinars with Castle Learning. These short 30 minute online sessions from 12:00-12:30pm are offered at no cost.
Credit Recovery or Recapturing Credit - Including Summer

Have you considered giving opportunities to make up missing credits in small chunks to keep a student on track? Do you really believe that credit recovery can be achieved solely by technology? If your current credit recovery plan is not working, register for this lunch webinar. The webinar will focus on rethinking how credit recovery is structured and implemented. The session will offer key elements needed to keep a student on pace by recapturing credit during the traditional academic year as well as during the summer.
Using Technology for Home Instruction, Medical Leave, Suspension, and Absenteeism

Are you comfortable with using technology for home instruction, medical leave, suspensions, and absenteeism? Most school districts are challenged by how to effectively provide home instruction during a medical leave, long-term suspension, or chronic absence. Today's technology and a well-designed plan can make the difference. This webinar will offer several components for a systematic approach to academic support outside the school building.
Self Study - Self Assessment of Personalized Learning

Are you using technology to encourage independent study by the student? Did you know that self-study and assessment can build a student's academic confidence and growth? The use of technology can provide diverse varieties of instructional approaches and learning experiences for the individual student. This webinar will focus on several methods for using self-study and assessment to assist in personalized learning, allowing students to take more ownership of their learning.
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