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Here you are again, on the inside, where all the valuable stuff is.

In addition to all the usual goodness, this issue has information about how you can get free money. Yes, you read that correctly. Free money. No, it's not too good to be true. Details are below in the YFSOL V section.

YFSOL's Insider Briefing is full of information to help you have a great career in yachting---and an even greater one afterwards.

So, use what's inside to your benefit. If you haven't yet made 2017 the year-of-you, now's the time to start.

The YFSOL Team

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Beware of Imitators

We've noticed that someone else is using our company name in its marketing.

It's flattering that others are copying our name, but don't be fooled. There is only one Yachting Financial Solutions. And that's us.

For the record: we don't work with any other financial consultants and advisors, nor do we have any affiliation with other financial consultants and advisors.

Why not? Because other financial consultants don't understand yachting like we do.  We have ex-yacht crew at all levels of our company. We know your world. And we know how to help you make the most of your career in yachting.

Here are a few of the other things that set us apart:
  • You only deal with us at director level. No fobbing you off to juniors.
  • We have a face-to-face travel programme. We go where you are so you can meet us in person.
  • We plan with you, rather than sell you products.
  • We develop financial solutions that are a perfect fit for the yacht crew life.
There are many more. Just be careful that it's us you are dealing with. Not someone who is merely using our name in their marketing.

Yachting Anomalies

Meet... Teresa Evans, Sales Director

In a nutshell...

Every time I'm able to convince someone of the opportunity they have to become financially independent, there's an amazing feeling of satisfaction.

Over and over again, we get people saying, "I wanted to do something, but I had no idea where to start or who to talk to", and it's so satisfying to help them on their way.

My life in yachting...

I entered yachting as an emergency chef. Working as a yacht chef is very interesting as you have to balance both the demands of crew and guests.

Being an emergency chef, often filling in at short notice, meant I could work a couple of weeks culinary troubleshooting and then return home to family commitments.

What I liked most was that, on a boat, the chef is autonomous. You're more or less left alone to create the menus, buy the ingredients and cook the food. And I've always much preferred to take responsibility than be told how to do things.

My oddest experience in yachting...

On one placement, I worked for France's richest man, who modelled himself on Napoleon. Napoleon famously ate his meals in 10 minutes on the battlefield, so this gentleman did too. His lunch started at 1pm. He had two courses and it had to be finished by 1:10pm.

He liked little fish or 100 grams of pasta and grated bottarga. Every single day he had a lemon sorbet in a particular aluminium cup and it had to be like a skating rink on the top.Working for him was very... interesting.

One day, he had a dinner party and his guests were about to have their lunch (same miniscule dishes as usual) and he whisked the dishes away, saying, "Oh, that's far too much" and sent it all back! We had to take some off and send it back out again. Really strange.

Outside of yachting...

My favourite thing is riding my horse in West Cork, Ireland, where we live.

I also enjoy travelling, particularly visiting old and crumbly places, eco-gardening and writing fiction. However, this last is more of a future plan.

My favourite place...

West Cork, Ireland.

My advice...

Reach for your dreams.

I can't stand...

Bigotry. Passing a judgment based on what somebody looks like is as stupid as not liking someone because they are wearing a red jumper.

It's as simple as that, really.

If money were no object...

I'd write some books.

I'd love to write thrillers, because that's what I enjoy reading. I'd go horse riding more often too. Maybe get another horse, build my stable. I wouldn't do anything different or new, just build on what I already enjoy.

Thought for You

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Get 1% Free with YFSOL V

Free money sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?  Well, in this instance, it's genuine.

We're launching a new investment strategy soon called YFSOL V. And we'll add 1% to the value of your allocation in the fund. In other words, we'll allocate you 101% of the value you put in. That's as good as free money.

The offer will be open for three months after we launch YFSOL V, or until investment reaches €250,000, whichever comes first.

What is YFSOL V?

YFSOL V is a value investing strategy. It's the strategy that has made Warren Buffett (the world's second-richest man in 2017, according to Forbes) most of his fortune.

Value investors believe that a stock's price is not necessarily the same as the company's value, and that money can be made by buying such businesses for less than their true worth. Value investing is once again gaining traction among major fund managers. We believe it is overdue a comeback, which is why we've created YFSOL V. It's an investment strategy that gives you the opportunity to invest like Warren Buffett does.

The key is identifying companies that are undervalued by the stock market. That's not easy. So we've identified some of the best value-style investment managers in the world and combined their expertise in one simple strategy. Even better-because this is part of our Polaris range of strategies, we've been able to make it accessible and affordable.

Who can invest?

YFSOL V is one of the strategies that fall under our Polaris scheme. So, you'll need to either be an existing Polaris member or join.

Existing Polaris clients can add YFSOL V to their portfolio with an additional investment of €10,000 or more. Minimal paperwork required.

New Polaris clients will need to invest €25,000, which can all be in YFSOL V, or across a range of Polaris strategies. The offer of 1% additional allocation only applies to money invested in YFSOL V.

If you'd like to be among the first group of investors and receive the additional 1% on your investment, email us:

Waves Gets YOU on the Inside of the Funds the Rich Use

Would you like to be on the inside and invest in the same funds that the rich do? Maybe even the person who owns the yacht you work on?

Better still. Imagine if you can do it all online.

We recently launched  Waves , a  straightforward and transparent means of online investing. You can sign up for Waves online any time and from anywhere in the world. And you can track your investments online too.

Waves allows you to pay regular monthly contributions into a basket of funds, including successful funds managed by the Rothschild family and Ruffer, two of the biggest names in international investment. The whole thing is designed to get you on the inside of the funds the world's richest people invest in.

So, take the Waves Test today and see if you can join the online investment revolution.

Harwell Capital News

In addition to helping you invest in regular funds, we also give you the opportunity to invest directly into exciting tech startups. We do this as part of our venture capital programme with Harwell Capital.

Here's a round-up of very encouraging news about previous investment opportunities that will be maturing in the future.


Speak has announced the appointment of Yusuf Chambers as brand ambassador for go-to-market strategy for Ummah Mobile, the new Sharia-compliant converged communications, money remittance and lifestyle app built for the global Muslim population.

Yusuf is world renowned within the Muslim community for his educational broadcasting, support to the charity sector and live debates on international TV. The appointment gives Ummah Mobile global traction with his extensive network of followers and supporters.


Following its acquisition of its long-time financial data partner, Scredible has announced it will expand its product offering in the financial services sector.

Several things to note on this one.

First, the acquisition allows Scredible to consolidate its leadership position in the AI-driven corporate learning sector.

Second, it expands its market from the education tech sector into the financial sector.

Third, Scredible predicts the move will increase revenues by 45% and profits by 15% this year alone. In 2018, revenues are predicted to rise 70% due to the move.

Fourth, all of this means an added £11 million to the exit bottom line in the 2018 financial year.


The leading carriers in the US (AT&T) and the UK (BT) have both requested trials to explore deploying Genesis' DSL Rings technology in their respective networks.

AT&T has requested the field trial to test the technology on its network in Q1 2018.  AT&T sees DSL Rings as an excellent fit for them and has now signed a Framework Agreement with Genesis.

By then, Genesis plans to have started commercial roll-out with carriers Century Link, Cincinnati Bell and Windstream following their imminent field trials in Q2 2017. 

Meanwhile, in the UK, BT has invited Genesis to perform a lab trial in Q2-Q3 2017, with a field trial likely to follow in Q1 2018.

Choose Your Dreams

The only person who can truly help you live the life you want is you. It's your life to grasp. Or waste.

We're here to help you take control of your life, so that you can build your own dreams. Not the dreams of others.

Rupert lives for his walkies. So he has two well-trained humans to fulfil his dreams. Who will fulfil yours?

Clive, Teresa, Phil, Roger, Helen, Jojo, Shelley, Guy & Rupert (right)

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