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McDougall Climate Seminar -- This Saturday
Dr. John McDougall is helping all of us kick off the new year on the right note -- with a FREE "Mastermind" online climate conference, scheduled for this Saturday, January 9, at 11 a.m. Eastern.

This special event includes a total of six speakers and I am honored to be one of them. As you can see from the schedule below, my 20-minute presentation will begin at 3:35 pm EST.

Climate Change Mastermind will end with a live Q & A panel discussion, where I will be joined by Dr. McDougall, Keegan Kuhn and Gerard Bisshop. That one hour discussion will begin at 4:30 pm Eastern.

Climate Change Mastermind - Schedule
January 9, 2021. All times are PST.
8:00 AM - John McDougall, MD - Welcome & Introduction
8:15 AM - Sailesh Rao, PhD - COVID-19: Birthing the Chrysalis Phase for Humanity 
8:40 AM - John McDougall, MD - Diet Is the Common Denominator for Chronic Diseases, Climate Change, and COVID-19
9:05 AM - William Ripple - The Effects of Human Carnivory on Climate Change
9:30 AM - Panel Q & A - McDougall, Ripple & Rao
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM - Break
12:00 PM - John McDougall, MD - Welcome Back & Introduction
12:10 PM - Keegan Kuhn - Uncovering the Cowspiracy
12:35 PM - J Morris Hicks Donkeys & Spaceships: A quick look at crucial "systems" that shape our lives and our future
 1:00 PM - Gerard Bisshop - Appetite for Destruction
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM - Panel Q & A - McDougall, Hicks, Kuhn & Bisshop
Please click here for the biographical summaries of all the speakers. While at that page on Dr. McDougall's website, you may also sign up for the free seminar at the bottom of that page. Or you can sign up now by clicking here.

Want a preview of what I will be talking about? Take a look at my 45 PowerPoint slides -- beginning with this one.

In my presentation, I emphasize the critical importance of totally re-engineering and optimizing ALL of the "systems" of human activity on this planet. 

Here is the slide that I use to make that point -- followed by the slide that addresses the all-important system of feeding ourselves.

The Bottom Line. In 2002, after becoming curious about the optimal diet for humans, I began a study that has led to an eye-popping, 18-year adventure of exploration and discovery regarding the fragile nature of our existence on this planet.

As I explain in my segment on Saturday and, to a much greater extent, in our new book, Outcry -- things are not looking real good for our future right now. But I have reasons for optimism -- and explain them briefly on Saturday and in much greater detail in the book. 

For an in-depth version of our best thinking regarding our chances for surviving as a species, I invite you to delve into an e-copy of Outcry sometime soon. It is a quick read that is totally-focused on how we can actually "do something" great for the billions of innocent children who will follow us on planet Earth.

J. Morris (Jim) Hicks

PS: You can join my mailing list and/or find all of my previous postings by visiting the SOS Memos page on my website.

My first blog on the crucial topic of totally reinventing our civilization was posted 9-21-18 and heads the list below. It was all about GRATOLA, an acronym that refers to a "green region" corridor running from Atlanta to Los Angeles. 

Since then, I have posted almost 100 additional pieces on that topic, including this one on 9-4-19 in which I introduced the GBN (Great Big Northern) -- one 25-mile wide corridor along the USA's northernmost border that would theoretically be capable of sustainably housing ALL 300+ million Americans in an area the size of Oregon.

You can find all of my SOS Memos at this page on my website. Here are a few of them:
As always, I will continue to focus on this crucial topic - in my research, my writing and my speaking. 

Promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth

Moonglow J. Morris Hicks

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