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February 2020     
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Helping a Pet Cope With Loss
Exciting News!
Dr. Monica Diedrich, The Pet Communicator 


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Can you believe it? February 2020!

I guess I understand now why they say the older you get the faster the years go by. That certainly was true for me last year. 

I've been so busy that sometimes I've hardly kept track of the calendar or what day it is. I just get up in the morning, travel my 30 second "commute" to my office, and I'm ready to go, day after day. 

In addition to all the pet consultations I do regularly, this year I've been working on two very special projects. One I'll tell you about further below. The other is a new book. 

The publication editor is in the rather complex process of getting the book into both print and e-book formats right now. We still have to proofread it when we receive the first draft in printed form, but I'm hoping it will be available for you next month. The title is, Y our Pet Called . . . 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart .

I'll be sure to let you know when the final work has been completed and the book is available for purchase. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you!

Dr. Monica
Helping a pet cope with loss     

We all have to cope with losing a pet at some time in our lives, but when we have more than one pet in the family, some of those pets are also faced with losing a much beloved companion. Here's how his mom and I helped one pet cope . . . 

Ellie is a healer who's been working with both of her cats for years to help them reach a very advanced age. 

She made an appointment to talk with Snickers, her male cat who's 20 1/2 years old. He'd recently lost his companion of 20 years, a female cat named Blue.

  Above: Sneakers

Since Blue had already been gone for a few weeks, Ellie wanted to know how Snickers felt now that he had to live out his days without his lifetime friend.
Snickers told his mom:

I still feel so lonely. Sometimes I feel that half of me is not here, and I become very distressed. I do express my feelings by meowing loudly at times, but it's a different kind of meow.
Blue was everything to me. She's all I knew for many, many years, and now that I'm alone and getting older and more frail, I miss her more than ever.
I know she's been visiting me from Spirit, but it's just not the same. Still, she's as loving as always. She tells me to be brave and that she's waiting for me. But it's not my time yet. I have to stay around awhile longer.

 Above: Sneakers and Blue

Because I'm an empath, I was able to actually feel the loneliness, the sadness, and the need for comfort that Snickers felt because he was so alone now.
I suggested to Ellie that she needed to get him another blanket. I said, "What he needs is a 'special' blanket, a small fuzzy, furry one. One that he can snuggle with and 'make believe' is Blue. One small blanket, like the ones sold for babies, would do just fine."
Ellie immediately went out and bought a fluffy, cozy blanket that was gray and white, just as Blue's colors had been.
Snickers took to the new blanket so well that Ellie kept sending me pictures of him cuddling with it. It was exactly the security blanket he needed.
Needless to say she was delighted with the outcome! And I think Snickers was, too.

 Above: Sneakers with his new blanket

This is a wonderful example of how giving a pet just one small item, can make such a huge difference. We simply need to listen to our pets' feelings and then provide them with what they need.
On a side note, Snicker's mom, Ellie Pechet, tells me she does healing and energetic work for people and animals. I don't personally know Ellie, nor have I ever experienced healing work with her, and I never recommend people I don't personally know or with whom I haven't had multiple experiences. However, she specifically asked that I include her website with Snicker's story in case anyone wants to contact her. At
her request, here's her website address:

Exciting news!
I'm welcoming the New Year by doing something I've been asked to do for... well, years! I'm now teaching Animal Communication classes online!
No longer do you have to set aside certain dates, or travel some distance to attend one of my workshops for that purpose. All you have to do is choose your own dates, remain in the comfort of your own home with your family and pets, go to my website, and learn at your own pace. 
So... if you're ready to start learning how to communicate with your animals, you're now welcome to sign up for my Pets Talk Courses by going to www.pet communicator.com and clicking on Pets Talk Academy.
You'll find Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Courses. To find out what we'll cover in each class, just click on the name of each course and check out the Course Curriculum.
If you'd like to preview what taking a course will be like, please take my  FREE mini-course to see what you could be learning.

In the regular courses, you'll also be able to ask some questions using the Comments section in various lessons, and I'll be available to answer those questions for you.
I'm also now offering a private mentoring program. This is for all students on any level.
It's also for those professional Animal Communicators who already have some experience with interspecies communication and need a second opinion about a difficult case, or who want to improve their skills. 
For more information, please click here.
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When I was just a youngster, I never dreamed of being alive in the year 2000. When I was that young, I thought I'd be so old by then that I'd never see the turn of the century. Now that it's 2020, I'm looking forward to welcoming 2050!
I hope all of you are looking forward to this wonderful year, and I wish the very best for you and for your families.
Dr. Monica

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