FREE Morning Meditation & Support Group
In this time of uncertainty and anxiety, we wanted to offer something that will provide some measure of connection and healing.

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, March 19, Robin Tucker, LPC, CPCC will be offering a  FREE Morning Meditation & Support Group  during weekdays,  from 7am-8am via ZOOM:

We plan on offering this class everyday, Monday through Friday, for at least the next few weeks and likely much longer.

Everyone is welcome, even new beginners to meditation. You're welcome to hop on the call anytime during the session, even after the meditation has begun, just settle in and get comfortable.

Here's the Plan:
7-7:15 Mini Check-in
7:15 Simple Journal Exercise
7:30 Meditation
7:45-8:00 Connect   
Robin Tucker, LPC, CPCC
Please wear something comfortable, bring your coffee and something to write with.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!

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