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Dec. 9, 2015 

It's full-on celebration prep mode at Buddings, with the decoration making, cookie baking, fieldtrip taking, and merry making! Our month-long Celebration of December Celebrations is well underway. 

This week, the Big Kids are checking out a German tradition at the Christmas Market on Thursday, and next Wednesday, it's our own annual excursion to the gingerbread lane at the Hyatt Vancouver. They're both free for kids, and some of our favourite festivities!

There's fun and games, including a musical presentation by Alex!, going on this week, and a party happening on Dec. 18, but before we get any further into December, we have a special shout-out to make: To our amazing new Daycare Manager, Sarah MacDonald! Congrats on your promotion, Sarah, it's great to have you at the helm.

The holidays are time for families, but wrapping up errands, and shopping, and presents, takes half the time (and stays secret) when you do it solo. D rop in care is there when you need it and when preschoolers attend twice a week, it's also an amazing environment for social skill development. Our Big Kids Club winter season registration is open, and if you join before Christmas, the monthly membership, and 3 BONUS hours per month, are our gift to you. 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Because it's only two weeks away! 
Centre News
Licensing Makes it Official: Sarah is the New Manager at Buddings!

The team at Buddings makes our centre a viable option for families in need of flexible childcare. 

The teachers have real connections with the kids who attend, and families tell us all day long that it's the special relationship with the staff that matters most --> More than convenient online booking, with  1-hour's notice, more than social-centric programming, available 6 days a week. 

Which means: The staff matter a lot.

So when we tell you this week that we're excited about Sarah's promotion to Daycare Manager, you know it's because... it's kind of a big deal.

She's been with the company for just over a year, and in that time,  she's consistently demonstrated a quick ability to think on her feet, and to keep cool in all kinds of situations. Her background as a preschool teacher and insights into the what-comes-next of daycare make her a great resource for families, and her love for the kids... well, we're really lucky to have such a warm heart leading our team. 

She's been training for the role since the summer, and the meeting with licensing last Wednesday makes it all official. CONGRATULATIONS, SARAH! This is going to be GREAT!

Her name is on the license, which means as well as teaching and caring for the kids, Sarah will also be responsible for updating and maintaining files and centre policies, training staff, and of course, attracting and appreciating the families.

She's at Buddings Monday to Friday, and can also be reached via email at Sarah@buddings.ca. Want to send a quick note to say "congratulations"? Definitely! 

FREE Kids Music Time with ALEX! - Dec. 12 @ 11am

This weekend, we're so pleased to welcome children's musician and entertainer Alex! - for a special FREE presentation - open to parents and kids from Buddings, and beyond!

The weather outside will probably be frightful, but there's no membership required for a morning of warm songs, in our bright and cheery daycare! So come in and stay dry as he features songs from his new album of children's music - starting at 11am! 

The CD has 10 tracks and spans over 30 minutes of music, perfect for any drive in the lower mainland. Each song is different from the next, introducing your child to different types of music (also great when you have it playing on repeat).

Alex! will have CDs for sale here at Buddings for $10 and will be able to sign copies after his performance. Give the gift of music!  Check it out online!

Aanndd... while Alex and the kids get their jam on, that mid-month weekend is also great time to take stock of your holiday preparations. If you've still got a bit of running around to do, log in and book your buddy for some Saturday-care. We're open 10am - 4pm every Saturday, with activities and special events in a social play space!

You're Invited: Christmas Talent Show & Concert -  Dec. 18!

With Christmas on a Friday this year, there's an extra week for getting stuff done! Booking Buddings flexible care keeps your Christmas surprises secret, right up until Dec. 24, with crafts, treats, and decoration making that the kids can bring home. 

Before the holiday visiting and travel really gets going, though, we invite you to stop in on our holiday party and concert on Dec. 18. It's a talent show! :)

The kids have been practicing jingling bells, preparing sweet treats, and using all their talents to show their love for their families. It's the cutest ever and we can't wait to share!

Stop in! The party will be running all day, with the parent appreciation concert happening at 4pm.
Big Kids Club Winter Season - Register by Dec. 24 to save $225 

Families often wonder what children learn in a play-based program, and if your child has ever surprised you with a funny new catchphrase, facial expression, or routine they picked up at daycare, what they are learning is how to emulate their peers - in order to fit in! 

Social skills are the foundation to lifelong learning and success. When children know and understand how to relate to others, whether teachers, friends, parents, or strangers, they can learn appropriately from them all. A safe environment to meet is a must. 

The  UBC Institute of Early Learning research highlights social skill development as an important area for parents and educators to focus their efforts, and the Buddings Big Kids Club does just that, with five uniquely social classes, and opportunities to foster social experimentation, every week. How do we do it? Find out, on the blog!

Our 12-week Winter Season starts Jan. 11, and if you've been looking for a structured learning program for your child, the Big Kids Club is your best bet! Plus, if you register by Dec. 24, we'll waive your membership fees for January, February, and March! That's a $60/month saving that you could put towards hours... but you won't even need to, because we're also topping you up - with a bonus 3 hours for each month ON TOP of the savings. 

So that's 27 hours for the price of 24, and no membership fees for 3 months when you commit to an average of two Big Kids Club classes per week by DEC. 24.

Keep an extra $225 in your wallet this winter, get flexible scheduling, and stay social, San Diego... um... Vancouver! :) 

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