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Road trip season is HERE! Are you ready? Robin and his wife got their kicks on Route 66 with a TREMEC TKO making the drive a thrill. Read his testimonial below in the customer car section.
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Happy Retirement, Dick McCord!
Dick McCord gives a speech to his coworkers and family.

We would like to publicly thank Dick McCord for his years of service to Silver Sport Transmissions. He has been here since we opened our doors. While he did retire, he still plans on working here part time. He'll be here most days working on new projects for SST. Some spectators geeked out at a car show recently when they learned Dick was our engineer and called him a "Rockstar" in the automotive engineering world. He's definitely a rockstar around here and we're very pleased he'll still be around, albeit part-time.

Bryan White's 84 Firebird
Meanwhile, Bryan White spent the last 7 months learning the ropes from Dick and becoming familiar with our products. He's also a mechanical engineer and automotive enthusiast who likes to take his cars out to the track on the weekends. We're thrilled to have Bryan pick up where Dick left off as our new VP of Engineering. Congratulations to Bryan on his promotion!
NEW FROM SST! We do installations now!
Would you like us to do your installation? We're now accepting a few local installation requests each month. Jack Silver, CEO of SST, believes we need to do more installations here at Silver Sport Transmissions in order to continually improve our kits - both our products and instruction manuals. Doing installations will allow us to test the kits in the same situations our customers face. It will also insure that SST will continue to supply absolutely the best transmission kits available.
WE'RE GROWING! Meet Stacy, Franky and Joseph
We have three new employees to tell you about this month. Left to right, we have Stacy who is an ASCE Certified Mechanic who will help develop new kits and do customer installations. In the middle, Franky will supplement our technical advisor line and answer questions from our customers. And on the right, Joseph works in our inventory control area to help keep our ship times fast as our sales volume increases.

You can meet Franky this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway as he joins Jack and Jeff in the SST display at Autofair.
TECH CORNER - How to use the Speed Analyzer
If you ever wondered what the "Speed Analyzer" on our website was for or how it could help you on your build, we have a handy, new tech article on the website with step by step instructions and some ideas on how you can use this tool to plan your build. Whether it's a new transmission, rear axle, differential gears or just new wheels/tires, this tool can help you make the best choice for you!
ON TONIGHT'S "West Coast Customs"!
On tonight's 9PM (Eastern) episode "The Continental Camaro" of Inside West Coast Customs on the Velocity Channel, you can see our TREMEC TKO PerfectFit™ Kit going into the 1969 Camaro.

West Coast Customs and Petty's Garage teamed up to build this '69 Camaro for Continental Tires.

If you miss it, you can watch it online here after it airs.
Jack is taking his 1970 Corvette to the next level by swapping in an LS3 Engine. We're going to fully document this swap with videos, photos, and articles. Expect plenty of tips and expert guidance from our engineering and mechanical team as we complete the swap. We know Jack's dog, Grizzly, is ready for the LS3 and some more road trips!

Warren County Area Technology Center Corvette
Warren County ATC Advanced Motorsports class is working on a 1973 Corvette Stingray which will be on display at the Corvette Museum once they're finished. We've provided a TREMEC TKO 5-speed to help complete the project. We're proud to be sponsoring the next generation of builders!

Car Show Schedule - 2018
We would love to see you at one of the car shows we're attending this year. We've expanded to some new shows and we're going to be doing Hot Rod Power Tour this year as well, so there's a good chance we're going to be in a town near you. Here are the shows we've committed to so far:

Pennzoil Auto Fair Charlotte Motor Speedway - April 6-8th
Bama Cruise Orange Beach, AL - April 26-28th*
Hot Rod Power Tour - Bowling Green, KY - June 9th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Chattanooga, TN - June 10th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Hoover, AL - June 11th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Hampton, GA - June 12th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Darlington, SC - June 13th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Raleigh, NC - June 14th
Hot Rod Power Tour - Concord, NC - June 15th
Chryslers Carlisle - July 12-15th
Street Machine Nationals - St. Paul, MN - July 20-22nd*
Corvettes Carlisle - August 23-26th
LS Fest - Bowling Green, KY - September 7-9th
Smoky Mountain Autofest - Kodak, TN - October 11-13th
SEMA - Las Vegas, NV - October 29 - November 1st

*Find us at the TREMEC display.
Customer Cars
Cover Car - Robin's 66 Corvette
I attached a photo of my wife and I and the car on our Route 66 trip from Chicago to Santa Monica Pier, CA. The Tremec transmission made a completely different car out of it. At highway speeds the engine slowed down about 1000 rpms when shifting into 5th gear. It would idle along at 75 mph. It was beautiful!! We were gon e a month seeing all the sights on the "Mother Road"! We hope to do it again someday. Probably the best part of the trip was meeting all the people who were doing the same thing that we were doing---and most of them came from other countries!!

Robin Retzlaff
Jim Shipley's 1981 Corvette
While conventional social media has tried to replace forums, there's just no better place to follow along on build threads, see photos, and read about the experience someone has with the different products they install on their car. Corvette Forum is full of tips, reviews and tricks of the trade thanks to guys like Jim Shipley. Jim put our TREMEC TKO kit into his 1981 Corvette and documented everything, from the way he raised the car on cribbing blocks and leveled his Corvette to installing the TREMEC TKO PerfectFit Kit. Jim told us the installation went perfectly. We love seeing customers document their installations online. Sometimes we even use their posts to help other customers. We definitely have the best customers in the business! 
Thanks Jim!

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