Spurs Give Holiday Coding Camp
begins Monday, December 20!
We're partnering with Spurs Give to bring you a Holiday Coding Camp!
Join us as we bring you live virtual code along sessions, debug huddles, and an end of camp Mini Jam and celebration at a Spurs game!

For this two-week free camp, participants will code two different holiday-inspired activities in Scratch and then will get to attend an in-person mini jam and celebrate at the Spurs vs. Miami Heat basketball game!

On Wednesday, December 29th students and their families will be able to join Spurs Give and Youth Code Jam for a pregame Mini Jam celebration and then watch the Spurs v. Heat game with two (2) free tickets* per student. 
We can’t wait to celebrate the holiday season with you!
Registration closes on Dec 19th at 11:59 pm!
*See registration page for more details.
Support | (726) 444-0925 | www.YouthCodeJam.org