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Dec. 12, 2011
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Larry Jordan
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Where Is Thunderbolt?

This last week, I needed to buy more storage for my editing system - as if needing more storage for video editing is a surprise or something...

Anyway, I decided that since one of my editing systems supports Thunderbolt, I would buy a Thunderbolt RAID. Except ...

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Using the Keyboard to Move Things

This article was spurred by an email yesterday from Michael H. who was trying to sync separate audio with video clips.

He asked: "Is there a way to move clips one frame at a time? I don't mind doing it manually, but it's frustrating when I can't get within a frame or so by dragging it."

There sure is - lots of ways. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Smoothing Ken Burns Moves 
Here's a quick tip you can use for Final Cut Pro X.

If you are adding Ken Burns moves to two clips and you want to add a transition between them, apply the transition between the two clips FIRST...

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FCP X Article:
Secrets of the Position Tool 
The Position Tool

One of the problems with the Primary Storyline is that it does not allow gaps between clips; everything always snaps together.

Well... that's not completely true. It's only true when you use the Arrow tool. Still, to get things to move, you really need to use the Position tool. Here's how.

to read the rest of the story.

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