May 21, 2020  

The vision of CORA Services is to provide new perspectives, direction, empowerment and hope for children, youth and families.  10 weeks into quarantine, this looks much different than we are used to, but our objectives are still in place. 
As a Resource Center for Children and Families, we'll continue to adapt as needed to meet families where they are, and help them overcome whatever academic, emotional and social struggles they may be facing. I urge you to call our Family Resource Line if you are experiencing difficulties that our staff can help with. We are all experiencing stressors brought about by quarantine and though it may not be in the way you're used to, our staff are here with open arms to embrace you and your family and walk you through your challenges.     
If you aren't in need of support at this time, but are willing to support CORA as we navigate this storm, I'm grateful for your generosity and vote of confidence. We will get through this together. 
 AnnMarie Schultz, President and CEO CORA Services  

CORA's Community Services division is proud to announce a 4-week set of parenting support group discussions that are designed to promote positive brain development in teens and courageous conversations regarding sex, drugs and alcohol. This event is entirely FREE and registration is open to the public! 
Our programs will help you understand your child's needs during this critical time in their life, as well as provide the tools you need to effectively speak to your kids, so that they, themselves, can make responsible, informed decisions.   
Courageous Conversations  
Tuesdays at 10AM 
Next session: 5/26
The Teen Brain
Thursdays at 1PM
Next Session: 5/21 

To register for this Group Parenting Discussion,
click here.

Kareem came to CORA's Intensive Prevention Services (IPS) program to work on better decision-making and to set positive life goals for himself.  Throughout his program, he has shown tremendous growth and development.  Additionally, he has been a positive mentor for our younger youth in the IPS group. Staff wanted to share an interview held recently with this wonderful young man. 

Q: What were you struggling with before you started the IPS program?
A: I was struggling with getting along with people I didn't know. I was struggling with talking to people I didn't know. While in IPS I made friendships with complete strangers from different parts of Philly. IPS is great! 

Q: Is there anything about your past that you want to share that has contributed to your struggles?
A: I grew up around a lot of bad people and they did a lot of bad things, and that was normal. It was normal to me. It was just how I grew up.

Q: How has CORA's IPS program helped you overcome these struggles?
A: It helped me understand that some of that bad stuff is really bad and that I shouldn't do that. IPS was a wake-up call. It told me to get myself together.

Q: What are some of your goals in life?
A: To either be drafted in the NFL or become an FBI Agent.

Q: How has CORA's IPS program helped you recognize those goals and work towards them?
A: It helped me understand that there are good jobs out here, better than doing illegal stuff.

Q: Tell me about your favorite memory in the IPS program.
A: When we went boxing. I had never been to a boxing gym before.

Q: What is your favorite part of IPS?
A: The check-ins - having someone check up on you.

Q: What is one thing you didn't expect about IPS?
A: That people went through stuff that I went through. I thought it was just a bunch of kids forced into it by their parents.

Q: What is the biggest lesson you learned from being part of the IPS group?
A: There is more to life. There is more to life than just living in the moment. There's a future.

Q: How have your counselors and case managers helped you during your time in the IPS program?
A: Ms. Kaitlin- Has fueled my sassy-ness. Every time I talk one on one with Ms. Kaitlin we always end up laughing.

Ms. Gabby- She matches my cool, calm and collected-ness.

Ms. Erin- Always sets herself up for jokes.

Ms. Lindsay- Showed me that there are really people out here that are higher up that take the time to care about us.

Ms. Petra- She is the energy that fuels my goofiness. And fellow Brooklyn -99'er.

IPS is helping me get my driver's license and a job.

Q: Last thoughts on what IPS staff has taught you/ shown you:
A: That white people actually care about other colors.

Kareem - Your growth in the IPS program has been inspiring to watch.  The IPS team and everyone at CORA is very proud of you!

On Wednesday, March 13, CORA Services held a drive-by parade for Early Years Fox Chase families. All of the teachers lined up outside of the building to greet students as they drove by. Homemade signs were encouraged, and these kids did not disappoint! Our Early Years Fox Chase teachers had some great signs as well!   

Our teachers miss all of their children very much and look forward to returning to the classroom. While the kids and teachers at all of our sites have explored new ways of learning together online, nothing beats seeing those smiling faces in person!    

Here are a few photos from the drive-by parade! 
To see all the photos from last Wednesday on Facebook, click here


CORA's Family Resource Line 
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*To be directly connected, for FREE, to one of our Family Resource Line staff, please call during the hours listed above.   
For more information, email us at
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 CORA's Family Resource Line is supported in part 
by the Independence Blue Cross Foundation.

Q&A with 
CORA's Board of Directors

CORA is incredibly lucky to have 20 very dedicated and involved members of our Board of Directors working with us and guiding our efforts as we serve the Philadelphia community. These generous and talented individuals put a significant amount of time in to ensuring that CORA operates effectively, efficiently, and last but certainly not least, remains true to Sr. Charity's mission. So their great work doesn't go unnoticed, we like to highlight individual board members from time to time. 

Meet Jim McManus ...   

James F. McManus was born in Philadelphia, PA and is a proud graduate of West Catholic H.S. (1965) and La Salle University (1969).  Jim and Peg have been happily married for 50 years and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren. Jim recently retired from Caron Treatment Centers and cares deeply about supporting Philadelphia's children and families. 

1) How long have you been involved with CORA?
I officially got involved with CORA about 6-7 years ago. I served on the Strategic Planning Committee when Jim Harron was the CEO. I've been serving on the Board for the past 2 years.
2) What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
To value and foster all of your relationships. Through your life and career, those relationships all come full circle at some point, and you never know who you will reconnect with.
 3) What advice would you give to someone interested in joining CORA's board?
CORA is an organization that truly values the opinions of their board and they listen! Be willing to give your time, talent and treasure to an organization that makes you feel like really are you are a part of something bigger.
4) What initially attracted you to the organization? 
I was initially attracted to the mission of CORA. Jim Harron introduced me to the organization and I was a big supporter of their events over the years. When I realized the huge impact they were making on the families and kids of Northeast Philadelphia and beyond, I immediately wanted to become involved.
5) What program at CORA would you consider to be your favorite?
CORA continues to keep a focus on early childhood education and early childhood development and I think that would be my favorite program. My son struggled as a kid with speech, and watching CORA implement speech therapy for children 2-5 as they prepare for kindergarten has been wonderful.
6) What dream project/program would you like to see CORA offer?
My dream project would be to implement a satellite branch office in West Philadelphia or South Philadelphia to offer services to an even larger portion of Philadelphia's population.


Updates and Resources

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 Crisis, and have put together a list of helpful resources and articles. 
You can find them by visiting our  website: 

You will find resources such as:
How to Resolve Landlord/Tenant Conflict
Virtual Recovery Support and AA Meetings
Supporting Children during COVID-19
Successful School Routines at Home 
Advice for Newly Remote Workers
Emotional Health Support
Finding Free Meals
Free Activities
And much more!

CORA Free Events
 In addition, CORA has been using Facebook Events as a means of connecting you to exciting events and educational activities for all ages. From taking a Virtual Reality 360 swim with a sea turtle, to teaching children how to add and subtract, we've thought of it all for you. Keep an eye out for these pop-up events!

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