Many would agree that working out is more fun when done with a friend. Now that the holiday season is behind us and our "New Years Resolutions" have either set in or faded away, what better time than the present to enhance or begin to achieve your fitness goals.

Since the beginning of the year (and turning 40 on January 2nd) I have had many moments where I was really motivated to work out and eat clean and I have had moments where all I wanted to do was to eat some comfort food and cuddle my boys on the couch. Of course I'm very aware of the fact that I am floating between these two extremes and it got me thinking that others may feel the same way. There are many factors that play into having a lack of motivation during this time of year and also the fact that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. However I told myself this past Sunday that I am done making excuses. So, I figured instead of recommitting to my fitness routine and goals solo, I could see if anyone wants to join me (hence my Instagram post today and this email)!

I like manageable fitness programs and achievable goals. I also believe that in a couple weeks time with some hard work and dedication you can and will see changes. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, commit to eating more clean, see definition in certain areas, nix some food cravings, have more energy, stamina and endurance - whatever it is that you are looking for right now I am inclined to say that a b9 tone up will for sure help - I mean it can't hurt right? AND it's free! Yes free, and nothing is free right now :)

What is this tone up all about you ask?
It's pretty simple. You will have access to a private Facebook group to chat with fellow "challengers" in, share tips and tricks, recipes, and just UPLIFT each other because who doesn't need that right now?

What about working out?
The classes you take with us you pay for as you take them or use a current package or monthly membership. If you are working out elsewhere, that's fine too. We would still love to have you!

How long is the tone up?
19 days
Wednesday January 25th- Sunday February 14th (ending before dinner time!)

What is the cost?

There isn't a cost. Email me if you want to be added to the private Facebook group. That's it!

I hope to hear from you soon and I'm excited to have some friends join me as I kick my butt back into gear!

Be well,