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Canada's Sports Hall of Fame is offering VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS at NO COST to schools! Since you can't come to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, we will come to you virtually and for FREE!

These 45-minute curriculum-aligned, virtual education programs are delivered in a real-time, synchronous teaching style and simulate an in-person field trip experience from the safety and comfort of your classroom!

Connecting is easy! Our virtual programs are compatible with most video conferencing software and our friendly tech representatives help you to connect!
Our programs...
DEVELOP skills of historical thinking

SHARE media texts, like artefacts, to enhance creative thinking

INCREASE awareness about the benefits of physical activity and goal setting

INSPIRE youth to contribute positively to their communities

Aligned with the Alberta Curriculum!
Program Subjects: Social Studies, PE, English Language Arts (ELA), Health & Life Skills, Indigenous Studies
Pre- & Post-Visit Activity Subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, PE, ELA, Health & Life Skills
Hall of Famer Marina van der Merwe's Japanese Warrior Helmet 
Collection: CSHoF - 2015.27.1

Hall of Famer Gareth Rees,
Beyond the Win Speaker
Inducted in 2014 (Rugby)
Grades: 3-9
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Post-Visit Activities: Coming soon!

Artefact Talks are 45-minute virtual education programs delivered in real-time! With Q&A engagement and panoramic WebRotate 360® software showcasing one-of-a-kind artefacts, these inquiry-based education programs simulate an in-person field trip experience from the safety and comfort of your classroom!

Available starting November 2020.

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Grades: 3-12
Curricular Connections: Click HERE
Pre-Visit Activities (pg.10): Click HERE
Fall 2020 roster of speakers includes Sandra Kirby, Jennifer Walinga, and

The new Beyond the Win: Hall of Famers on Tour VIRTUAL experience allows students across Canada the opportunity to connect with Hall of Famers who champion good in their communities. During these virtual presentations, Hall of Famers share their personal stories in real-time, showcasing important values, like perseverance, ethics and resiliency, inspiring character in our youth.

Available starting November 2020.

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Our virtual field trips are at no cost to your school
thanks to the generous support of
The Susan Anderson Family and Ted Rogers Community Grants!

Spots are filling up fast! For more information, contact
Katelyn Roughley, Manager, Education and Programming at programs@cshof.ca or 403-776-1059!