Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

April 22, 2020

Dear Member,
In these extraordinary times, ASPRS wants to support you and your family by launching a new initiative called GeoBit. GeoBit will be one-hour educational webinars for kids focused on geospatial concepts and technology. These GeoBits will be free and recorded, allowing us and you to share with the community.
The 1st GeoBit:  Career Opportunities in Land Surveying
  • Presenter: Ryan Swingley
  • When: April 30th at 2:00 pm EST (11am PST)
  • About: In this series, Mr. Swingley will discuss career opportunities in the exciting would of Land Surveying. He will discuss what surveying is and how it affects the physical world around us. Mr. Swingley will talk about different career segments in land surveying and the future job outlook.
  • Age group: 8th to 12th grade
  • Presenter: Ryan Swingley graduated from Vincennes University with A.S. in Surveying Technology and 1999 and gained licensure to practice as a Registered Land Surveyor in the State of Indiana in 2005. He is also licensed as a Land Surveyor in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. Ryan has worked as a consultant, performing large-scale boundary, topographic and route surveys since the beginning of his career in 1997 and has been involved with LiDAR control, collection, extraction and QA/QC since 2010. Ryan now is the Geomatics Manager using the Riegl VMX-1HA Mobile LiDAR and Image capture hardware and software with ESP Associates to provide large scale high density surveys for the transportation engineering industry. Ryan is also an adjunct professor at Vincennes University teaching Remote Sensing for Land Surveyors.


The 2nd GeoBit:  Studying Population Change using Interactive Mapping Tools.
  • Presenter: Joseph Kerski
  • When: May 5th at 2:00 pm EST (11am PST)
  • About: Explore how to examine patterns of population change, migration, and demography with interactive web maps and web mapping applications.  Join geographer Joseph Kerski as we investigate how these 2D and 3D maps can be easily accessed, modified, and turned into powerful online presentations.
  • Age group: Middle School
  • Presenter: Dr. Kerski has served as geographer in government, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations, has authored 5,000 videos, 1,000 lessons, 2,000 essays, 8 books, 75 articles and chapters, podcasts, and other resources; his research focuses on teaching and learning with Geographic Information Systems.


While we have some presenters already lined up for this initiative, we are seeking subject matter experts in Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Lidar, GIS, Statistics, AI, UAS...etc. Please let us know if you would be interested in presenting.
Interested in presenting? 
Please contact: geobytes@asprs.org.



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