January 16 , 2021
Volume 6 Issue 28

Dr. King and Peaceful Protest.

Mary's House for Older Adults continues to be committed to structures that empower Black Lives, because for us, BLACK LIVES MATTER
always and all ways



We are all still reeling from the attempted coup that happened at the Capitol. Thousands of domestic terrorists descended on our Capital and stormed the Capitol Building. It was mob violence, an insurrection, if you will. People waved Confederate Flags, hung hangman's nooses, while wearing clothing bearing racist imagery.

Many of us agree that this insurgency was about making America great for white people through actions of white supremacists who believe that the US is becoming too black, too brown, encroaching on the rights of white people, white men in particular. 
Some people are asking, "How did this happen? This is not our America!" However, for many Black, Brown and Indigenous people, this IS the America we know. This IS the face of the America we've seen time and time again. We've seen it as recently as the Black Lives Matter protests last summer. And we've seen it during Reconstruction and Jim Crow. And we have seen it during the Civil Rights protest in the 50s and 60s with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  and Rep. John Lewis. 

And don't get me started talking about LAW and ORDER. The treatment of these white supremacists and the treatment of social justice protesters (BLM, disability rights, women's rights) was as different as night and day. Contrast armed militia vs. Selfies with insurgents as LAW and ORDER. Reminds me of the lyrics of a Big Bill Broonzy song: "If you're white, you're alright, if you're brown stick around but if you're Black get back." For more discussion, join us February 24, 2021 at 4 PM for the first of our Freedom is Not a Secret Series, more details and to register click the link.

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Inaugural Safety Information

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is urging everyone to STAY HOME and not travel to DC (see more). Please AVOID downtown DC and the National Mall now and through the end of next week. There are WMATA closures through Thursday, January 21 (see more).

MHFOA in the News:
Resilience Among LGBTQ/SGL Elders and the Continued Need for Affordable Housing

MHFOA advocates on a myriad of issues impacting older adults, LGBTQ/SGL Elders in particular.  Click the links to find out more about their resiliency and the continued need for affordable, quality housing.

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See Me at the Smithsonian

 Access Smithsonian and Mary's House for Older Adults, Inc. are working together to present virtual programsSee Me at the Smithsonianis an interactive program for adults with dementia, their care partners, and others, hosted on Zoom and accessible by phone. This program will include featured artwork that focuses on the themes of LGBTQ/SGL experiences. See below for more details and to register.

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101 Years of Agitation, Advocacy, and Activism

Reach Out and Touch: The Struggle is Real

Mary's House for Older Adults continues to be contacted for food and other resources. We have referred Elders to receive information on online services and activities. MHFOA has been able to continue to  provide groceries to elder families. MHFOA still has masks for those who are in need. Your donation of food, water and gift cards allow us to continue this work. Please contact Ms. Arie Gray at for how you can contribute.