Dear Saugerties Farmers Market customers and supporters,

What a year like no other! We worked hard to provide a safe and secure, grab-and-go market to get fresh, local food.
This Saturday is our last market of the season, so please come to stock up on fruits and vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, sauces, and prepared foods that you can put away for the winter. And don’t forget to buy locally made non-perishables to give as gifts for the holidays (see suggestions below).
Please consult the market’s website,, for information on obtaining products from our vendors during the off season, including a CSA for those oh-so-healthy microgreens.
We always appreciate hearing from you about what products you missed having at the market, what improvements you’d suggest we pursue, and any other ideas you’d like us to consider to make the market more satisfying for you. We will be working on market planning this winter, so please fire away with your ideas.
We very much appreciate your support of the market’s local farmers and food producers. Together, we made it happen.
We wish you a good winter and look forward to your return to the market Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 29, 2021.
Best, Judith Spektor, Saugerties Farmers Market Committee Coordinator,
Emily Motter, Market Manager
And all the committee members: Ann Krupp, Diane Congello-Brandes, Joe Hernandez, Diane Carlson, Isabel Soffer, John Bassler, Kevin Dumont, Masha Zager, Sina Clark, and Tony Hitchcock
For Refrigerator, Freezer or Pantry

  • Vegetables, hard cider (Maynard)
  • Vegetables, hand-sewn masks (Fiddlehead)
  • Vegetables, decorative Indian corn and corn stalks (J&J)
  • Vegetables, chicken (Lone Duck)
  • Microgreens, mushrooms, bath balms, candles (Berkshire Worms). Sign up for the Winter CSA, brought to Saugerties every two weeks. 
  • Maple syrup, maple cream, maple candy (Spruceton Valley)
  • Honey, candles, wool and Blue Sky Farm wine (Sheepy Valley)
  • Liqueur, vodka, bourbon (Cooper’s Daughter)
  • CBD products (Hennepen’s)
  • Coffee beans (Rough House Roasters). 
  • Store coffee in an airtight container somewhere cool, dry, and dark. Stored this way, ground coffee can be used for a few months past its expiration date; whole beans for up to nine months
  • Cow cheeses (Rock N’ Raw)
  • Freeze Churchtown Camemberts and Farmer Fresh cream cheese & Pesto
  • Goat cheeses (Lynnhaven)
  • Freeze any of the chevre logs, including sweet ones and Pesto.
  • Refrigerate or freeze any chevre in oil. They will last for months if everything is submerged in oil. 
  • Refrigerate brined feta, and it will last the entire winter if you keep it submerged in brine.
  • Vegan burgers, meatballs & other specialties to freeze (Green Palate)
  • Dried lentils and beans, spice mixes, Chutneys (Maha Grill)
  • Breads, biscotti, other baked goods to freeze, including gluten-free (Our Daily Bread)
  • Baked Goods Gluten Free (Northern Delights)