August 2021
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Back to School Supplies
Shopping for “school supplies” is a late summer rite of passage into the new school year. We want to save you some money and help you out with some STEM classroom supplies that you can borrow. These items directly support lessons in the STEM curriculum developed by PHHI. These resources are restricted to use within a 50-mile radius of Kannapolis, as they cannot be shipped. There is no cost for borrowing PHHI equipment, but we do ask that you be considerate of others and only request it for the time period that you need the equipment. All equipment reservations will be made on a first-come basis. Available equipment for lending includes:

  • Light Banks
  • Magnifying Glasses (class set=15)
  • Soil Test Kits, Soil Sample Corer
  • Refractometers
  • Wisconsin Fast Plant Kit
  • Soils Curriculum Kit
  • Tower Garden
  • Vermicomposting Bin

Find the Equipment Request Form here.
Schedule a Custom Workshop
We’ve revamped our Professional Development offerings and invite you to review the topics below.

We frequently hear workshop participants say, “I wish my entire grade level could have been here today.” As former teachers, we understand the compression of workdays and often try to offer our events in the summer. However, we know that school systems often build in workdays or early release days that may allow for school year trainings.

If you would like to coordinate a workshop for your cohort, school or system, get the conversation started by submitting this form.

  • Garden Centers
  • Social Emotional Learning in the Garden
  • Gateways to School Gardens
  • STEM Problem Solving in the Garden
  • Connecting to Curriculum
  • Math in the Garden
  • Literacy in the Garden
  • Science in the Garden
  • Beginning Gardening Skills for Teachers
  • Establishing a School Garden
  • Crop Planning
  • Tastings and Nutrition
  • Classroom Management in the Garden
  • Composting and/or Vermicomposting

Workshops are suitable for classroom teachers and administrators. Most sessions are designed for a half day; sessions can be combined for a full day workshop.

Click here for a detailed description and additional information about our available workshops.
Resources from Around the Web
Do you lead a school garden club? Or maybe a homeschool or 4-H garden club? Or maybe you’re a classroom teacher craving a “program” approach to guide your garden experience. The Junior Master Gardener program may be just what you’re looking for. Modeled after Cooperative Extension’s successful Master Gardener program that equips adults with research-based, practical know-how, this youth-focused program offers a wealth of age-appropriate resources to support hands-on learning in the outdoor classroom. 
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