Hi Friends!

I wish for all of you to stay healthy during this time. Being prepared and having the staples listed below in your home is the first important step you can take. Also, voltage and alkalinity are two key factors for health! One way to maintain high voltage is to drink Divinia 4th Phase water.

I am sharing this thorough anti-viral summation from a top holistic doctor. CLICK HERE to read "Dr. Gloria's First Response Kit".

After reading this informative document go to Natural Rejuvenation Solution's website here to order Honeycomb Masks (as long as supplies last) and any other items you may prefer. I f you have questions, call Dr. Gloria's assistant, Sharon at 888-352-8175.

Here are some things you might consider purchasing: (Most available on Amazon)
  • Olive Leaf Extract (comes in capsules) - Health Food Stores (HFS)
  • Oregano Oil (comes in capsules) - HFS
  • Apple cider Vinegar (comes in capsules) - HFS, Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Kickass brand: Kickass Immune & Kickass Deep Lung - HFS & Nugget
  • Wellness Formula capsules - HFS
  • ImmuShield & ImmuAir: Elizabeth Essential’s products are high quality. Visit her site here. 
  • Divinia 4th Phase Water - Buy at www.divinia-discount.com 

These 2 mutating bio-warfare viruses are usually killed by UV and UV/ozone combos. (Unfortunately, most of those lamps are made in China. FYI - UV Robots have been made that can clean out a surgery room in 8 minutes by remote control.)

Also, you might want to start a regular morning routine of ORMUS: Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. ORMUS, Monatomic Gold = 'Manna' which is spoken of in the Bible. Manna, when ingested, purports to not only raise your vibration but regenerate the body. Check out this website as a possibility for quality ORMUS: What is Ormus? - Anu Alchemy .

No fear ~ Focus on prevention!

~ Merrily
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