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30 November 2011
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Outrageous and Crude attempt to steal the election from the Congolese people 

KINSHASA, 30 November - Transair Cargo, owned by a personal friend of President Kabila, is continuing suspicious flights from South Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to deliver ballots, despite voting being scheduled to end two days ago at 6:00pm on 28 November.  


Last night, a Transair Cargo plane with nine pallets of election ballets departed Johannesburg for Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. Transair is owned by Kiki Lemaire, a known arms dealer with close ties to Joseph Kabila and his crony, Israeli mining magnet Dan Gertler.


Two additional Transair flights containing DRC ballets have left South Africa today en route to DRC. A UDPS spokesman asked today, "At first glance the results coming in from across the country show that Mr. Tshisekedi has done extraordinarily well and it appears by all credible accounts that Mr. Tshsiekedi is ahead and is poised to become the next President of the DRC.  The Congolese people appear to have voted out this corrupt government in favor of new leadership and policies that work for the people's future."


"We are calling on all observers within the DRC to seize and destroy these extra ballot papers and to prevent further manipulation and fraud," added the spokesman.  "Kabila, Dan Gertler and Kiki Lemaire have flow in millions of additional ballot papers after voting has finished. This is a crude attempt to steal the election and deny the people the change they so desperately require and seem to have voted for en mass."


"We must have support from MONUSCU, the EU, SADAC and others to ensure this election is concluded properly. It has been fraught with problems from start to finish, but there is no excuse for the international community and Congolese to stand idly by as the corrupt and despotic rules and his friends steal the election."



Ballots being shipped from Johannesburg to DRC last night 

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30 November 2011