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June  26, 2020
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Online Training
The Florida Rural Water Association is looking for candidates throughout Florida interested in becoming part of a two year, nationally recognized Water/Wastewater Apprenticeship Program and employers willing to work with the program to provide the on the job training required to round out the certification and exam requirements. The first drinking water and wastewater classes are in full swing in Leon County and outreach is in process to expand the program into other areas of the State based on interest.

Do you know of Career Seekers looking for apprenticeship opportunities in the water industry? Veterans who are looking to start a new career? Do you have an outstanding employee in your Utility that could benefit from the training and experience of a certified water/wastewater apprenticeship program?

"It takes highly skilled water and wastewater personnel to ensure the public supply of safe drinking water and to protect our lakes, streams and groundwater. In addition to increasing professional demands, utilities will soon be forced to replace many of their most experienced employees. Over the next decade, the water sector is expected to lose between 30 and 50 percent of the workforce to retirement". (National Rural Water Association).  more

Pandemic Emergency Response Equipment Available
In addition to other equipment FEMA now has thermometers available through the State Emergency Operation Center.  They are in the process of being delivered to each individual county EOC. All systems  need to do is contact their County Emergency Operations Center Emergency Manager and ask for them. If they need more than the county has, then they can order as many as needed from the list of vendors below and be reimbursed. 
RS Hughes Brian Riedel 904-642-6493
Safeware April Tuttle 407-883-9103
Thermo Fisher Scientific Mike Botet 407-808-0604
Fastenal Josh Darby 850-545-3946
Grainger Bradley Bynum 850-274-6698
Amazon Michael Hogarth 571-400-5320 

For more information regarding the thermometer distribution, click  here.
With the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the past few weeks, we would like to remind you that the Florida Rural Water Association and other locations statewide still has a number of free reusable masks that were made available through FEMA.  Please click on the site nearest you to place an order and arrange for pickup.  
National News
NRWA Call to Action Rural America needs investment now in water and wastewater infrastructure for Coronavirus relief. Small and rural communities have done their part to meet the public's needs during the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining and restoring customer access to water services, regardless of payment.  more

Over 700 cash-strapped cities halt plans to repair roads, water systems or make other key investments The coronavirus has forced many municipalities to halt or cancel major purchases and infrastructure improvements, according to new data from the National League of Cities. more

New Orleans tech chief says city continues to recover after  cyber-attack    Six months after a cyber-attack shut down New Orleans' government and exposed flaws in its computer systems, the city has mostly recovered even as the coronavirus pandemic delivers a new set of challenges, city officials said Tuesday.   more

EPA takes action to stop use of certain PFAS in consumer products  Agency marks 4th anniversary of amended TSCA by meeting important milestone under PFAS Action Plan.  more

ASDWA submits comments on EPA guidance proposal   On May 22, 2020, EPA proposed regulations to establish the procedures and requirements for how the Agency will manage the issuance of guidance documents subject to the requirements of the Executive order entitled "Promoting the Rule of Law Through Improved Agency Guidance Documents."   more

House rolls out $25 billion plan for water, PFAS  House Democrats unveiled details of their $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan Monday that would pay for water projects, fight contamination from "forever chemicals," and move toward a national network of electric vehicle charging stations.  more

Court allows Trump's WOTUS revision in 49 states   The Trump administration's adoption of narrower protections for wetlands and waterways can take effect almost everywhere in the nation, except Colorado, while courts review whether the move was legal.  more

EPA Makes the Final Decision to Not Regulate Perchlorate   Today (6/18), EPA released the pre-publication version of the Federal Register notice for its final negative regulatory determination for perchlorate.   more

HOUSE DEMOCRATS PLAN $1.5 TRILLION INFRASTRUCTURE PACKAGE   House Democrats unveiled plans for a $1.5 trillion broad infrastructure package, building off of the highway bill introduced by Rep. Peter DeFazio.   more

Fluoride Federal Court Trial Pauses Without Ruling: Federal judge urges for a new process, plaintiffs and defendants demur (Bloomberg)   Health advocates' concerns about fluoride in drinking water will have to wait a bit longer, as the EPA and a federal judge in California consider new data about the chemical's health risks.   more

NYTimes Covers Flushing Toilets Releasing Coronavirus Aerosols (Times)  Here's one more behavior to be hyper-aware of in order to prevent coronavirus transmission: what you do after you use the toilet.   more
State News
Panama City Beach officials working to fix wastewater odor | WJHG  It's an issue most Panama City Beach residents have smelled; the odor off Back Beach Road during certain times of the year can be less than pleasant.   more

Upcoming Florida Legislation Expected To Push For Better Wastewater Asset Management July 1, 2020, is the date two new laws are scheduled to take effect in Florida on Environmental Accountability ( SB 1450 / HB 1091 ) and more broadly Environmental Resource Management ( SB 712 / HB 1343 ).  more    

Saharan dust may help fuel red tide in the Gulf of Mexico, study finds | WINK
A large plume of Saharan dust from Africa, over 2,000 miles wide, is surging across the Caribbean Sea. more

Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Analysis Report | Hernando Sun At the regular meeting on June 9, 2020, Commissioners voted unanimously to accept the "Wastewater Treatment Feasibility Analysis Report" which outlines septic-to-sewer conversion, and other nitrate mitigation projects over the coming decades.  more 

FDOT Using GPR to Check Roosevelt Bridge  Today, ground penetrating radar equipment will be used to check specific areas on the Roosevelt Bridge that have been identified by our bridge inspectors, allowing @MyFDOT to see inside the bridge deck to identify any potential corrosion areas. more
This Week in Water History

June 18, 1940:   E.B. Bain Water Treatment Plant dedicated. "Back in 1938, Raleigh[, North Carolina]  was faced with a choice: reduce the growing demand for water by cutting off the supply to unincorporated areas; do nothing until demand outstripped supply; or build a new plant with federal Public Works Administration funding. City leaders looked the future in the eye and saw growth and need. They built.

The PWA provided 45 percent and city bond money the rest of the $700,000 price tag for the plant and improvements to the water system.  Work started in mid-1939. By the next spring, the plant on Walnut Creek was operational. It was dedicated June 18, 1940, and was named after Ernest Battle Bain, the city's longtime water superintendent.  It had water filtering and pumping operations under one roof, and four electric pumps plus a gas-powered one in reserve. And although it was rated at 8 million gallons a day, it could put out up to 10 million. It was built to allow expansion up to 20 million gallons a day, according to information unearthed by David Black, now an architectural intern, who researched its history for the historic designation application.

A story in The Raleigh Times the day it was dedicated declared "City's Water Plant is Engineering Feat," because it was built on the same site as the old one. The new one had to be built and the old one taken out simultaneously, without interrupting water supply."

A series of seven excellent videos explains the history of water development for Raleigh, North Carolina.

For more articles on what went on this week in water history, click here
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