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December 13, 2019
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Emergency Response Equipment 
As the 2019 Hurricane Season comes to an end.  FRWA and FlaWarn would like to remind you that we are ready in case of an emergency.  Click on the photo below to see the emergency response equipment available, but hopefully put away for the non-hurricane season..  

We hope you don't have to see it in peson at your system, but it is available just in case.
FRWA/FlaWarn Emergency Response Equipment

National News
President Trump Riffs on Water Pressure Standards and Low-flow Toilets Trump says people are 'flushing toilets 10, 15 times' in call for better water standards.  more

EPA Decides on Whether to Set MCL for PFAS, but Decision Remains Unknown Until White House Reviews  In a last second showdown on Thursday to reach a compromise on the annual defense bill...more

EPA Drinking Water Advisory Committee Raises Numerous Controversies In a sharp departure from previous meetings, this winter's meeting resulted in numerous committee members raising issues with the national drinking water program.  more

EPA considering second round of national PFAS testing EPA considering second round of national PFAS testing Water suppliers across the nation could be required to sample for manmade "forever chemicals" in an attempt to gauge just how prevalent the contaminants are in drinking supplies. more

World's governments urged to adopt 12-point plan for 'enabling better infrastructure'  Global infrastructure decision makers have been urged to adopt a 12-point plan to improve project delivery around the world.  more

New app predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance Conflicts over water are likely to flare up in Iraq, Mali and India in the coming year...more

Floods predicted to uproot 50 million people a year as climate heats up  Population growth, more intense rainfall and melting ice are likely to cause more frequent and severe floods. more

More than 100 military bases now at risk of water shortages, GAO finds Some have already experienced water restrictions.  more

Damaging rains from hurricanes can be more intense after winds subside.  Howling wind drives torrential rain sideways as tall, slender palms bow and tree limbs snap. more

Successes, pitfalls of modern hurricane forecasting  Scientists say no matter how technologically advanced storm predictions get, intensity, storm surge and gusts remain hard to pinpoint. more
State News
Florida Department of Environmental Protection Impaired Waters Rule Notifications Update  The department announces the availability of the 2020 Strategic Monitoring Plans.  more

SRWMD Cost-Share Projects - SPRINGS applications Due DECEMBER 18, 2019  
The District is accepting project proposals for state springs grants. Funds may be used for land acquisition or capital improvement projects that protect the quality and quantity of water that flows from springs. more

Senator Debbie Mayfield's Clean Waterways Act Advances in Florida Legislature | Space Coast Daily The Clean Waterways Act, sponsored by Senator Debbie Mayfield (Indialantic - R), has passed the Senate Committee on Community Affairs. more

Villages couple climbs out tailgate after minivan sinks into four feet of water | Villages News  
A Villages couple's minivan sank into a four-foot hole created by a water main break in their neighborhood.  more

Bill Seeks To Replace Septic Tanks With Sewage Lines In Gainesville Neighborhoods | WUFT  
Signs posted at the public entrances along Hogtown Creek in Gainesville prohibit swimming, wading and bathing due to "health and environmental risks."  more

Opinion: Point of View: Florida lawmakers, local governments need to fix state's dilapidated wastewater treatment systems | Palm Beach Post
The demise of South Florida's reef tract has been a loss for Florida's recreation divers, fishermen and those dependent on the tourist economy.  more

Florida Says Goodbye And Good Riddance To 2019 Hurricane Season  
For Florida, the 2019 hurricane season will be remembered for a gigantic, nerve-racking scare over the Labor Day weekend.  more

St. Pete city council: Property owners must fix issues with sewer pipes | WTSP  
St. Petersburg city council members passed an ordinance Thursday morning that puts the responsibility on property owners to fix broken sewer pipes on private property.  more

Opinion: Full funding for Florida Forever | The Star  
With Florida's population increasing rapidly, the need for land and water is also increasing dramatically, which affects Florida's native species. more
This Week in Water History

December 5, 1782:  Martin Van Buren, 8 th President of the U.S., is born. In the collective mind of "Mental Floss," Van Buren is famous for his toilet.  "When he lost his 1840 reelection bid in a landslide to war hero William Henry Harrison-Van Buren picked up only six states in the electoral college, and not even his home state, New York-the lame duck could then turn his attention to the Lindenwald estate, which was eventually expanded into 36 rooms including a wine cellar, six family bedrooms, one formal guest room, servants' quarters and one toilet.

As you might have guessed, this wasn't just any old toilet. Restored to what is believed to be its original appearance, Van Buren's throne is tucked away on the first floor in a closet-size room, part of a larger bathroom that accommodates the president's original six-foot long bathtub. 

The toilet bowl itself is made from fine china, set inside a giant frame made of wood. A 100-gallon water tank, connected to a pump in the basement kitchen, is installed above that frame. (It's worth noting that the servants quarters had their own indoor outhouse, and two gate houses on the property probably had outhouses.)

A killer innovation for its time, Van Buren introduced the whole town to the concept of the indoor toilet (most were accustomed to bearing the cold in an outhouse) and, according to Dawn Olson of the National Park Service, to the 'novel idea to have running water and indoor plumbing in the 1850s.'"

For more articles on what went on this week in water history, click here
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