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July 3, 2019
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Hackers Strike Florida Cities
Hackers strike another small Florida City demanding hefty ransoms.

This title highlights the complex difficulties associated with Municipal and City Utility computer systems and the Hackers who are compromising Florida Utilities in a very big and expensive way. Everyone in the Utility Industry has heard about the attacks that some of the utilities have encountered and the very high ransom payments that have been paid out. This is not a passing fad and it will escalate now that the copycat hackers are getting into this lucrative game. The fact that a few of the cities have agreed to pay this ransom tells us that this lucrative business will flourish and unless your city managers become trained and made aware of this, and everyone takes it seriously by educating and training employees, we will find it happening much more frequently. Let's face the fact: its easy money for perpetrators and it is very unlikely that they will ever be caught. Quite frankly these hackers can be anywhere in the world and they operate in secrecy.

Most companies are ill-prepared for the ransomware threat. According to a study by Ponemon Institute published in April of 2016, 56% of companies surveyed said they were not ready to fend off ransomware attacks while only 38% said that they have a strategy to deal with the destructive software. more
40th FRWA Annual Conference

The deadline is July 7th for you to submit your nomination for the FRWA 2019 Annual Awards. The Awards will be presented at the FRWA 2019 Annual Conference to be held at the Daytona Beach Hilton on August 5-7, 2019 at the FRWA Opening Session on Tuesday, August 6th. For more on the awards, click here. Further questions can be addressed by Ben Lewis at

August 5-7, 2018
Hilton Daytona Beach
Daytona Beach FL 32118
Reservations: 386.254.8200 or

This year's Conference will be held at the beautiful Hilton Daytona Beach/Ocean Walk Village in exciting Daytona Beach, Florida with the room rates starting at $112.00 (this rate does not include an additional $8.00 per day for self parking) plus tax. You will want to bring the entire family to take advantage of all the amenities that Daytona Beach has to offer. Hurry and make your reservation by the July 21st deadline by calling 386.254.8200 (M-F/9-5) or go online at and mention Florida Rural Water to take advantage of the great room rate!

For more information, click here. See you in Daytona!
State News
Water boil notice issued for parts of Callaway | My Panhandle  Residents on the 1400 to 1600 block of South Berthe Ave, the 6700 block of Yacht Club Drive and all of Callaway Point are advised to boil water used for drinking, cooking, ice making, brushing teeth, or washing clothes. more

City approves new contract for water workers | The Ledger  Lakeland commissioners approved a new contract with the city's water workers that promises a series of future and retroactive raises to its current members.  more

Opinion: Harvey Ward: Septic systems are polluting our drinking water | Gainesville Sun  
People don't like to talk about sewage.  But no matter how much we would like to avoid it, the truth is that sewage treatment is the foundation of a city's health and well-being. more

Opinion: Editorial: Utility pipelines: a beautiful thing | Herald Tribune Folks who have been around our area a long time may recall newspaper and television advertisements for a regional chain of businesses named Allied Discount Tires.  more 

Boil Water Notice Issued In Cottage Hill | North Escambia  Cottage Hill Water Works has issued a precautionary boil water notice following a water line break Thursday.  more

Opinion: Friday Editorial: Major issues remain for city's septic tanks | Florida Times Union  Last year's 50th anniversary of consolidation inspired some soul searching among those with a civic conscience.  more

This Week in Water History
SWTR and Total Coliform Rules Promulgated

June 29, 1989:  Surface Water Treatment Rule and Total Coliform Rules promulgated on this date. These are two of the most important drinking water regulations adopted by the USEPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974. A summary of the SWTR stated: "This notice, issued under the Safe Drinking Water Act, publishes maximum contaminant level goals for Giardia lamblia viruses, and Legionella; and promulgates national primary drinking water regulations for public water systems using surface water sources or ground water sources under the direct influence of surface water that include (1) criteria under which filtration (including coagulation and sedimentation, as appropriate) are required and procedures by which the States are to determine which systems must install filtration, and (2) disinfection requirements. The filtration and disinfection requirements are treatment technique requirements to protect against the potential adverse health effects of exposure to Giardia lamblia, viruses, Legionella, and heterotrophic bacteria, as well as many other pathogenic organisms that are removed by these treatment techniques. This notice also includes certain limits on turbidity as criteria for (1) determining whether a public water system is required to filter; and (2) determining whether filtration, if required, is adequate."   more

For more articles on what went on this week in water history, click here
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