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September 5, 2020
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The Florida Rural Water Association will be closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 7, 2020.
National News
Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rule aimed at limiting toxic wastewater from coal plants - The Washington Post The Trump administration on Monday weakened a 2015 regulation that would have forced coal plants to treat wastewater with more modern, effective methods in order to curb toxic metals such as arsenic and mercury from contaminating lakes, rivers and streams near their facilities.  more  

A watershed moment for US water quality - The Ohio State University News  Scientists decry federal rule that removes protection from 'unconnected' streams and wetlands. more

EPA chief announces projects to address border sewage spills - Los Angeles Times  The city of Alamo will soon break ground on its new mechanical wastewater treatment plant funded with $11 million in state money.  more
State News
Long-delayed Sarasota sewer project reaching the home stretch | Herald Tribune  The construction of a long-delayed, over-budget Sarasota sewer project is finally nearing completion. more

See smoke coming from manholes on Marco Island? It's likely a test to check for leaks | Naples Daily News  The City of Marco Island announced Tuesday it will test the integrity of the sewer collection system utilizing smoke to find and repair leaks beginning Sept. 8, as stated in a news release. more

Bay County requires state mandated backflow device | My Panhandle By state mandate, all Bay County residents connected to the area's potable water system will now need an updated backflow prevention device.  more

Could beer fix Florida's Red Tide problem? | Tampa Bay Times  Researchers are trying to find ways to thwart the scourge of Florida's Gulf Coast. They believe spent brewers' grain has potential.  more

Pollution Has Cost Florida Millions, and the Bill Keeps Rising | Miami New Times  Nitrogen and phosphorous from fertilizers and sewage-treatment plans across the state are supercharging the growth of toxic algae that makes the water undrinkable and depletes it of oxygen.  more
This Week in Water History

September 2, 2001:  An article published in the New York Times on this date reported on the H2NO campaign by Coca-Cola.  H2NO refers to a effort by Coca-Cola to dissuade consumers from ordering tap water drinks at restaurants, and to instead order more profitable soft drinks, non-carbonated beverages, or bottled water. The campaign's title, H2NO, reflects the program's purpose, which is to have customers say No to H2O, the chemical formula for water. The program taught waiters how to use "suggestive selling techniques" to offer an onslaught of alternative beverages when diners asked for water.

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