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April 24, 2020
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KN 95 Masks Available Through FRWA
The Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) has purchased KN 95 and 3 part fiber masks to sale at cost to our members and water utilities in Florida. We want to make some available to as many systems as we can for use by their critical operations employees.  Your employees are protecting public health by continuing to produce needed drinking water in their communities; disinfected drinking water is essential for health, hand washing and preventing viruses. 

KN 95
The masks 
  will be sold in sets of ten (10) KN 95 and ten (10) fiber masks at our cost of $36.50 per set plus selected shipping.  To better serve all our members, we are limiting the size of each order to a max of ten (10) SETS for larger systems with apopu lation of over 10,000 served.  We recommend that the fiber mask be worn over the KN 95 mask to prolong the life of the KN 95.  

We hope to be able to secure more as needed to meet increased and ongoing needs for protection of all Florida water utility critical workers who safeguard and enable this critical infrastructure in Florida.

Click here for an order form to complete and email to or faxed to 850.893.4581.   You will be invoiced once your invoice is recieved.

Please contact FRWA at 800.872.8207 with any questions.
FRWA 2020 Session Report
The Florida Legislative Session ended on Friday, March 13, 2020. The budget needed a few extra  days and a deal was reached ($93 billion) and approved on Thursday, March 19th. All policy  matters not finalized by March 13th died, and there were many; out of 3500 bills filed, roughly  200 passed. Early themes included health care reform and raising teacher pay - these two items  made it through but as the Covid-19 pandemic spread, the Florida Legislature began to sputter.

Bills of interest to the Florida Rural Water Association membership focused on water quality  issues - SB 712 and environmental accountability - HB 1091. Both bills have a major impact on  the industry and FRWA. The bills were priorities of Governor DeSantis and the Department of
Environmental Protection Secretary, Noah Valenstein. Set forth below is a recap of FRWA bills of  interest.  more
NRWA Survey Results Impact of COVID-19 Emergency
NRWA estimates small water and wastewater systems will lose $998 million in revenue by mid-July. Drinking water systems are projected to lose $817 million; wastewater systems are projected to lose $181 million. These losses in revenue will not be recovered by utilities and does not include emergency operational costs such as staging additional shifts, isolating staff, modifying procedures for regulatory compliance, purchasing PPE, and additional equipment for remote work.

Public water and wastewater utilities are essential to protect public health and the environment. Small and rural communities have done their part to meet the public's needs during the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining and restoring customer access to services regardless of payment. Water utilities need assistance from Congress now to protect the public they serve. more
National News
Over 100 Members of Congress Write Leadership Urging for Nationwide Moratorium on Water Shut-offs and Forgiveness for All Late Fees and Bill Payments for Low-Wealth Families We write to request that Congress protects the most vulnerable Americans from the danger and insecurity that results from utility shut-offs by putting a nationwide moratorium on essential utility service disconnections.  more
DHS Releases Version 3.0 of the Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce  Today the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released version 3.0 of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers guidance to help state and local jurisdictions and the private sector identify and manage their essential workforce while responding to COVID-19.  more

States Will Not Be Sharing Their Portion of the $150 Billion State and Local Relief Package with Smaller Governments   Several state and federal elected officials are telling local ones things that may not be true. more

Congress Debates the Next Relief Legislation  Republicans want to provide an additional $250 billion for small businesses.  more

Power of Association NRWA and WY Rural Water will testify in the Senate on Wednesday. more
EPA Water Operator Hiring and Contracting Guide  This document is a resource that can help public water system decision-makers hire or contract with a licensed/certified water operator.  more
State News
Century Council Stops Mayor From Paying Pandemic Time And A Half; One Councilman Suggests Employee Layoffs | North Escambia Century Mayor Henry Hawkins thought the town's essential field employees - those that are keeping the water, sewer and gas operations running - deserved pay for time and half for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.  more

Massive 'fatberg' removed from Tampa pumping station | WTSP  This massive pile of wet wipes and grease is more proof why you shouldn't flush wipes down the toilet.   more

Cape Coral taps into reservoir to offset drought conditions | News-Press  A Southwest Florida city has turned to a reservoir in Charlotte County for irrigation water as drought conditions continue to plague the region.   more

Bay County sewer system being strained as toilet paper becomes scarce | Panama City News Herald  With toilet paper rising in demand and rarity during the COVID-19 pandemic, some residents have resorted to other options that havebegun to task the sewage system.   more

Sarasota to consider assistance program to help with water rate increase | Herald Tribune  The prospect of a massive $300 million overhaul of Sarasota's neglected water and sewer infrastructure pushed city leaders last year to increase usage rates by 3.5% annually for the next decade.   more

Here's one thing you won't have to worry about during coronavirus pandemic | Local 10  As you stock up on supplies amid the coronavirus pandemic, you won't need to be concerned about water.  more
This Week in Water History
Chlorine Gas Released as a Chemical Weapon During World War I

April 22, 1915:  T he use of poison gas in World War I  escalates when chlorine gas is released as a chemical weapon in the Second Battle of Ypres. Forevermore, chlorine is not considered a viable alternative disinfectant in Europe.

Commentary:  I am sad to report that this week in 2018, use of chlorine as a war gas was confirmed in Syria. Some sources say that the terrorist President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has been using chlorine to gas his opponents for years. These are dark days in world history.

For more articles on what went on this week in water history, click here
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