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May 10, 2019
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The Loss of Community Water Supply:
Good or Bad?

An incremental decrease of community water supply systems supports the effectiveness of local-decision making as environmental and financial landscapes change over the course of time.

According to the US EPA Echo database, there has been a reduction of 336 systems in the last year from the 50,067 in 2018 to the latest inventory number of 49,731.  This is a continued trend from the 2000 inventory number of 54,064 community water supplies.  This reduction can be attributed to two primary reasons: urbanization and consolidations within the industry.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a place is "urban" if it's a big, modest or even small collection of people living near each other. This definition includes Houston, with its 4.9 million people, and Bellevue, Iowa, with its 2,543.  The U.S. Census Bureau statistic shows the degree of urbanization in the United States from 2000 to 2050. In 2015, about 82.7 percent of the total population in the United States lived in urban areas. Projections estimate that the corresponding figure in 2050 will be 87.4 percent.

It can be summarized that expansion of population centers into what used to be considered rural areas fuels local- decision making for consolidation of small systems such as mobile home parks and individual development owned systems; thus, reducing the number of community water supplies in the inventory.   more
Florida/Alabama Joint Conference

The Alabama/Florida Joint Technical Training Conference has been scheduled for May 28-30, 2019 in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Presented by Alabama Rural Water and Florida Rural Water, this year's Joint Conference promises to be more informative and exciting than ever! We will have the latest in industry information available in our Exhibit Hall with over sixty exhibitors. The topics covered in our training sessions will bring you up to date on the pressing issues in the water and wastewater field. Of course, as with any Rural Water event, there will be plenty of food! Please plan to join us for fun, food, and a wealth of information! 

You can find the latest in information on the Conference on our website by clicking here.
National News
What to expect from the 2019 hurricane season Compared to last year's devastating Atlantic hurricane season, it seems this year's will be a bit of a reprieve. more

Rising debt imperils Trump's, Democrats' hopes on infrastructure President Trump and Democrats are in a crunch as they try to pursue a $2 trillion infrastructure package amid rising concerns in some quarters about the deficit and national debt. more

What Exactly is a Sustainable Water System? What exactly is a "sustainable" water or wastewater system? This term gets thrown around a lot, and it seems like everyone has a slightly different idea of what it means. more 

State News
'You can call him our water czar': Nikki Fried names Florida's new water policy director  Florida's new water czar," agriculture commissioner Nicole "Nikki" Fried announced Wednesday.  more

Everglades Forever Act's anniversary: More than two billion invested in 25 years Friday marked the 25th anniversary of a groundbreaking environmental law known as the Everglades Forever Act, one of the most significant in the history of the nation, let alone the state of Florida. more

Fellsmere hires its first utilities director, Kevin Burge  The city now will have its first utilities director to oversee water and wastewater management. more

Leesburg offers help to residents looking to conserve water Looking to save water or lower your utility bills? Leesburg Water Conservation Coordinator Rachel Novak's goal is to help residents assess their water usage and educate them on how to conserve water. more

Ocala backs off plan to stop fluoridation of city tap water  Community health agencies, local dentists and national dental health advocates voiced concerns over the plan to stop. more

Is Florida running out of mitigation sites?  Florida developers have long depended on the state's mitigation banking system - through which they can build on wetlands so long as they offset their impact by paying for wetlands to be improved on another site using mitigation credits. more

A lesson in Florida's fresh water worth reading and understanding | Florida Weekly  Journalist, educator and water advocate John M. Dunn puts the Florida particulars of the worldwide fresh water crisis before readers in an accessible, well-researched and well-balanced study. more
This Week in Water History
May 8, 1961: Office of Saline Water, U.S. Dept. of the Interior opened first practical seawater conversion plant in U.S. in Freeport, TX; designed to produce about million gallons of water a day at cost of about $1.25 per thousand gallons; the large-scale evaporation method used then replaced by reverse osmosis as scientific advances have produced special polymers suitable for use as filtering membranes.

Commentary: Looks pretty clunky compared to today's technology.

For more articles on what went on this week in water history, click here
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