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A Note from Ilana

HAPPY NEW YEAR!   A New Year...A New Vision!
Welcome to a New Year full of exciting new opportunities!!!  Farewell to 2016 and greetings to 2017. We celebrate endings as they precede new beginnings.   This is the time of year that we start fresh, make resolutions, and set goals. Restart... Take a leap of faith and be extraordinary in this New Year by believing in yourself and following your vision.  Take a chance, aim high, and go outside the box... We are!

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Meet our new Advisory Board Member and
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  • Jenna Laramee
  • Heather Fowler
  • Valarie Maloff
  • Mitchell Berkman
  • Tammy Pahel
  • David Gonzalez
Upcoming Events
Explore, Experience, Embrace...  The Art in You
January 24th, 2017

A New Year.... A New Vision!

Experience the 
ART  in  SPA  at this Unique Event
L ocated in such a beautiful venue, this event will represent elegance and class in our spa community.

A treat to a motivating, fun filled & unique day with spa friends and associates. See what's new for 2017 with creative spa influences during this inspiring themed Art Event like only the FSA can do!

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A Year in Review

Let's look at all the FSA accomplished in 2016.  This past year was an incredible year of growth and recognition.

Being regarded as the Best Spa Association dedicated to Florida with a 5-star review and so much more.
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Looking Ahead to 2017...  Make This Your Best Year Yet!
Have you made New Year's resolutions in the past that have gone unfulfilled?  Haven't we all?  We always seem to re-evaluate our lives at the beginning of each year, and for good reason. We tend to make unrealistic resolutions to better ourselves, only to end up disappointed when we aren't successful.  

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January Calendar

January 1 - .New Year's Day
January 18 - Martin Luther King Day
January 24 - FSA "The Art in Spa Event" - Orlando
January 30 - Spa Buzz Retreat - Islamorada
FSA Foodies

King Crab Appetizers

"These crab tartlets have long since been a family favorite."

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