Volume 20, Issue 3                                                               March 2018
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Looking Back 25 Years
I read with great interest the last two articles provided by past presidents reflecting on the Association's beginning and the reasons for changing its name. One thing that's clear to me - neither took place without commitment and perseverance, which is exactly what it will take to continue to be the premier association in stormwater training and education; communications and information sharing; and, advocacy.

Another notable milestone in the life of FSA was a two day long-range planning exercise conducted in Orlando 12 years ago. The need to grow membership was an ongoing concern. Just as any enterprise needs to grow to be sustainable, FSA needed to grow to be able to respond to the ever-increasing demand for services. And that led to the lengthy debate on exactly what we needed to do to remain relevant in the constantly evolving world of stormwater permitting and policy. The result was the 2006 Strategic Plan, adopted by the Board of Directors and implemented through the Executive Committee's Action Plan. One realization was that membership recruitment was not simply the responsibility of management staff and the membership committee, but also each Board member.

Just like many of us that commit time to the continual analysis and improvement of the services we provide in our own organization, the need is just as critical for FSA to continue to be meaningful and successful. To me, this leads to the question that needs to be asked and answered again and again: How can the focus of the Association stay relevant? The answer: By actively participating and contributing! And that happens by serving on a committee, which leads to chairing a committee, which leads to serving on the Board of Directors, which leads to serving on the Executive Committee, which results in growing the Association and keeping FSA relevant well into the future!

Sam Amerson was President of the Association in 2005-06.
Early-Bird Registration Ends April 13th 
Join stormwater professionals from around Florida this June 13-15th at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort in beautiful Fort Myers as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Association!   Register now or visit the Conference Webpage to view all of the details including the agenda, fees, hotel information and more.  Discounted,  "Early-Bird" registration rates end April 13th! Hotel rooms are going fast - book now to save your spot at the conference hotel.

Board Elections Coming in June
FSA is looking for dynamic leaders dedicated to ensuring the continued success of the Association. There will be elections to fill vacancies on the Boards of Directors for the  Florida Stormwater Association and the FSA Educational Foundation during the Friday business meeting at the Annual Conference. This is your chance to help lead the primary organization dedicated to furthering the stormwater management profession and water quality improvement programs in Florida. What's in it for you?
  • An opportunity to enhance the value and set the direction of FSA and FSAEF
  • A significant role in advancing your profession and water quality programs
  • Access to up-to-date information about the challenges facing your profession
  • The chance to exchange ideas and perspectives with other volunteer leaders
We want to hear from you! If you're interested in serving or if you know of a member that you would like to recommend to serve, complete a Leadership Recommendation Form today!
Corps Seeks Input on Navigable Waters
After HB 7043 passed during Florida's recent Legislative Session to specifically authorize FDEP to assume the federal dredge and fill permitting program, the Jacksonville Office of the Army Corps of Engineers initiated a process to seek public input regarding the use of waters within Florida for navigation.  Navigable waters of the United States are those waters that are subject to the ebb and flow of the tide, or are presently used, have been used or may be used to transport interstate or foreign commerce.  A Corps permit is required before certain activities may be undertaken in, over or under navigable waters of the United States.  In an "effort to provide clarity to the regulated public regarding which waters are subject to permitting authority", the Corps is performing a study of waterways in Florida to determine the extent of navigability.  To assist with completion of the navigability studies, the Corps is seeking comments from the public regarding use of waters in the state of Florida for navigation. Comments should be emailed to the District Engineer before April 19, 2018.  
2018 Legislative Session Ends
Florida's 2018 Legislative Session ended on Sunday, March 11th.  Members may find information on legislation that was tracked by FSA on the Legislative (members only) Page of the Association's website.  The page includes information on the impacts of the legislation and whether it passed or failed.  In case you missed FSA's March 15th Webinar on the 2018 Session, a recording is available for members on the website.  The webinar examined what was introduced, what passed and failed in 2018, and what might be returning for 2019. 
CRC Finishes Hearings
Florida's Constitution provides that Constitutional Revision Commissions (CRCs) are appointed every 20 years.  The 2017-18 CRC has now concluded its schedule of statewide hearings.  Of the 37 measures that were being actively considered, 25 proposals have been sent to the Style and Drafting Committee, which has responsibility for reviewing proposals for technical sufficiency; grouping proposals together; and, drafting ballot title summaries. The full CRC will reconvene in April to take final action on proposals. Proposals must receive at least 22 votes to be placed on the November 2018 General Election Ballot, and amendments must be approved by at least 60% of the electorate to become effective. Special Note: FSA members are urged to continue to monitor Proposal 95, designed to severely limit local regulatory powers.  Although Proposal 95 was defeated in committee, CRC rules allow further consideration of the proposal by the full CRC by a majority vote.  Visit the Legislative (members only) Page of FSA's website for more information.  
Non-Agricultural BMP Rule
Little-known provisions in the 2016 omnibus water and springs legislation ( Chapter 2016-1, Laws of Florida) directed FDEP to implement rules requiring certain local governments to adopt non-agricultural "Best Management Practices."  After review and discussion, the Department has determined that the requirements for local governments to obtain and implement the provisions of an MS4 permit are sufficient to meet the requirements of the 2016 legislation.  While FDEP will be proposing regulations concerning requirements for water quality monitoring in lieu of adopting agricultural BMPs, no new regulations for "non-agricultural BMPs" that apply to cities or counties will be proposed.
WOTUS Update
EPA has finalized its proposal to delay the effective date of the 2015 Waters of the United States or "WOTUS" rule by two years.  Earlier in February, FSA's case in (federal) District Court in Tallahassee was stayed for one year, leaving the challenge dormant but still alive in the event that EPA's rule delaying the effective date is rejected in court.  Stay tuned!
SWU Fee Litigation
A circuit court has ruled that the Palm Beach County School District does not owe the City of West Palm Beach the stormwater utility fees that the City has been billing (and the School District not paying) for the past six years.  The School District did not deny that it received benefit from the City's stormwater system but that state law exempts it from responsibility for payment.  The City is appealing the Circuit Court's decision to the Fourth District Court of Appeal; FSA will file a "Friend of the Court" brief in support of the City.   
SWU Webinar - May 17th
FSA's second webinar of the year will focus on emerging developments and trends in stormwater utilities, including rate studies and structures, apportioning costs throughout a service area and factoring expenses for water quality improvement. All cities and counties - those with long-established stormwater utilities and those considering their adoption for the first time - will have an opportunity to learn during this webinar!  Registration for the webinar is free for FSA members thanks to the sponsorship of Applied Sciences.  Register today!   
2018 SWU Survey
FSA has conducted a statewide Stormwater Utility Survey every two years since 1995.  The Survey examines practices and trends regarding rates, billing and collection methods, revenues collected and their use, staffing patterns, etc.  Data for the 2018 Survey is being compiled now and the Final Report will be published in June 2018.  What's in it for you?  The more Surveys that are returned, the better the data, and the more useful the information is to you and others throughout Florida.  All jurisdictions that submit a Survey will receive a free copy of the Final Report!  Be sure that your Survey has been returned to FSA!  Questions?  Contact Rhea Oaks at 888-221-3124.  
FSAEF Scholarship Award
The FSA Educational Foundation's Scholarship Program awards financial assistance to qualified graduate students attending Florida colleges and universities. Applications are accepted annually from graduate-level students in colleges or schools of engineering, natural science, public administration (or closely related fields) that have an interest in stormwater quality, management or finance. Qualified applicants should submit an Application Form along with supporting materials by August 3, 2018.

FSAEF is a separate 501(C)(3) charitable foundation. Donations to the Scholarship Program can be made by local governments, corporations and individuals. Donations are tax deductible for individuals and are a business expense for corporations. Support your profession and its future leaders by contributing to the FSAEF Scholarship Program!
We appreciate your feedback!  Please don't hesitate to contact us if have any questions about FSA. 
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