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We exist to make CHRIST known by proclamation and living of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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July 30-August 2
Bright Beginnings
9-11 a.m.
July 11-22
Pray for the team who will
 be serving in Poland

Annual Teacher & Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Thursday, August 9
11:30 to 1:00
Watch for more details
August 19
Preschool-12th grade

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Are You Aware of What Your Church Does?
   In numerous quiet and unheralded ways, God is using Field Street Baptist Church for His glory and purposes. I would like to take a moment and share some vital, encouraging information with you about some of the ways in which FSBC ministers locally and abroad. The Spirit of Sharing ministry ministers to hundreds of families (literally) on a weekly basis. FSBC has housed for many years now the CWJC and provided capable leadership to assist ladies in acquiring the necessary skills to enter the workforce. There is the Threads of Love ministry which provides handmade blankets to families for their infants at crucial times. We house a Narcotics Anonymous gathering in an offsite residence. We provide GriefShare for those who have experienced grief and loss. There is the Living Christmas Tree which has become a regional outreach at Christmastime. We conduct Backyard Bible Clubs throughout our community each summer. We have an army of volunteers who are the presence of Christ through our Homebound Ministry to those no longer physically able to attend church. We provide an annual luncheon for our CISD employees each August as a way of encouraging and praying for those who serve our student body across multiple campuses. We provide leadership for a reading program at Irving Elementary. We have a growing ELC which provides Christ-centered care and teaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year. We provide a Vacation Bible School for the children of our church and community each summer. Finally in a local sense, we steward thousands of dollars in benevolence assistance annually. Abroad, God has been sending out people from our fellowship to Poland, various Baptist Encampments, Philippines, Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Mission Waco, and through our consistent support of Xtend Ministries International (led by Dr. Richard and Stephanie Blake), FSBC is being used in a small, but meaningful way to train leaders in Hungary, Latvia, Cuba, and Poland. Are we done? No. Is our track record perfect? No. Should we rest on the work of the past? No. Is there more work to be done in Cleburne? YES. Are there more opportunities for FSBC abroad? YES. Can each one of us play a role in the work of the Lord? YES. Is each of us an ambassador for Christ wherever we go? YES. Who is to do the work of the church? WE ARE...together! God is using our fellowship. Let us be encouraged to continue being useful in His hand both here in Cleburne and beyond.

Summer Emphasis: Together
     Our emphasis this summer is TOGETHER-together in  worship, together in the Word of God, together in our work for the Lord, together on Wednesdays, and together in our witness in this community and beyond. I'm praying God continues to give us favor with a very fruitful summer of ministry and growing closer together!

Together in the WORD of GOD.
  In the month of July I will preach a message series entitled, "The Most Consequential Questions in the Bible." In the month of August I will deliver a series of messages entitled, "The Essential Disciplines of a Growing Christian." I know God will bless the exposition of His powerful Word. Our times together in God's Word will be rich and meaningful.

Prayer: The Work
     A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I shared with those who gathered that some would say that prayer is the preparation for the work, but in reality, prayer IS the work. That's right. In a very real sense, we will only experience success in the eternal by prevailing prayer. We need more Christ-followers, who make up a part of this fellowship, to prevail in prayer. Prayer is hard work and it is too often overlooked. It's work done in secret. No awards. No recognition. No name on a plaque. Prayer is simply work done in the closet that moves the heart of God. Would you commit to being a part of THE WORK? It's one of the most important keys to knowing God and seeing Him at work. See you Sunday!
            With much affection,    
     John Hall, Pastor 
Music Ministry 
Amber and I would like to express our appreciation to God's people at Field Street! We are so thankful for the kindness you have shown to our family. It is difficult to put into words how truly excited we are to be with you in service to Christ.
A couple of items I would like you to pray about:

-Student Choir Ministry: I think the student choir ministry can be a powerful tool in the lives of teenagers to develop spiritual growth, leadership skills, and enrich their faith. I have taken students to an annual youth choir festival at Baylor University for the last 11 years. Having done it for so long, I can see the fruit of the ministry over time. Rest assured this festival is THE BEST church music opportunity for students in the country. Students, parents, and church members who experience the final concert at the end of the festival will be blown away! This festival happens in February of each year and takes about 4  months to learn the music. Is this something parents and students would like to see as a part of the ministry of Field Street? More to come.


-Orchestra Ministry: I know several excellent instrumentalists in town who do not attend any church on any particular weekend. Some drive into the metroplex to worship in a place where their gifts and talents are employed. Not only do I want them to grant to us their gifts and talents in worship, but I want to be able to minister to them. No other church in town (to my knowledge) offers this type of ministry. What about you? Do you play an instrument? Know of someone who does? I think there is a need in our community. Pray with me on this.


-Handbell ministry: I played in the amazing handbell ensemble while earning my masters degree in church music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. It was incredible! We did some really cool presentations. I discovered a handbell room full of several octaves of bells. We need to get the polish out and start making much of our Savior with those wonderful instruments! Can you count to 4 and tell your left from right? Chew gum and walk at the same time? How about tell the difference between orange and green? Do you know the difference from a whole note, quarter note, and 8th note? If you said yes to these questions, you can play handbells. I will personally mark your music. Come to a rehearsal and try. It could be the most fun you have ever had! Stay tuned for rehearsal information.


 Thank you again for the kindness and love shown to me and my family! See you on Sunday!


--Billy Woods


Education Ministry

Our Poland Mission Team leaves next Wednesday, July 11.
The team consists of:
Jerry and Joni Melson
Craig and Jan Beskow
Carol and Larry Roberson
Jacque Morris
Don Goates
Jennifer Howington

Please pray for safety as we travel and work Elim Christian Center in Lwowek Slaski, Poland.

Task Force Meetings
This Sunday,  July 29
Dining Room following the 11:00 worship service.

Our next Work Day is Wednesday, July 18

--Jerry Melson 
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Children's Ministry 
What a fantastic month of June we had! The summer began with  Kids Camp at Riverbend Retreat Center from June 8-11. We had a total of 30 attendees this year!


2018 Vacation Bible School--Game On!

Also in June, we launched our "Game On" VBS! We had 3 professions of faith during our decision service. Praise God for working in the hearts of these young children! Our average daily attendance was 216 (workers & children). We also collected $998.28 for our Quarters to Cambodia missions offering. This will enable us to provide school supplies and uniforms for 87 children in Cambodia this year!! Praise God for His faithfulness.
Our Backyard Bible Club ministry is an outreach endeavor that takes the Gospel to children in our community. By the end of the summer, we will have conducted 4 clubs at various locations throughout Cleburne. We would like for you to prayerfully consider your role in this effort to reach children for Christ. Contact Jennifer Howington or Rick Deem for further details. We have 1 more club time this summer at Bright Beginnings on July 30-August 2 from 9-11 a.m.
 All 5th & 6th graders (grade completed) are invited to join us during the month of July for our Monday night Preteen Bible Study. We will meet from 6-8 p.m. each Monday, beginning July 2, at 1618 Hawthorne St., Cleburne. Dinner will be provided. We hope to see you there!
  elc Early Learning Center Enrollment
 for 2018-2019
Contact the church office at 817-645-4376
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Tuition: $165/month
(plus a $60 one-time registration fee and a $25 supply fee, twice a year)
Backyard Bible Clubs--Bright Beginnings--July 30-August 2, 9-11 a.m.
Preteen Bible Study--July 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30, 6-8 p.m.
Promotion Sunday & 1st Grade Breakfast--August 19
Preteen Retreat--August 24-25, The Retreat
Thank you for your support and participation in our preschool and 
children's ministry. What a joy it is to serve our Lord and Savior 
Field Street. 

--Jennifer Howington
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Student Ministry

M3CAMP ZEPHYR--Student Camp
What an awesome experience we had at camp the week of June 25-29.  Thirty-eight students and sponsors left early Monday morning for a great week of camp that challenges students to live evangelistically in their communities and to live missionally in the world. Thank you, church, for your prayers and financial support to the student ministry.  God is at work in the lives of our students.

Adopt-a-Senior is your opportunity to continue an investment in our graduating seniors as they head off to college. Your Bible Fellowship class may select one of our 2018 graduating seniors to "adopt." This will simply mean you are committing to following up with them during their first year away. Follow up can include, but is not limited to, letters of encouragement, sending gift cards, and prayer.  If you would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity, contact the church office for our list of 2018 seniors.
Sunday mornings-- Bible Fellowship @ 9:45
Wednesday nights-- (Check the website for activities)
August 15 --Back to School Bash
August 19-- Promotion Sunday
Our complete summer calendar is available on our website, as well as in the church office.

  More information on each event, as well as registration and
 payment, can be found on our church website.
--Taylor Dunn 
Mission Statement: Teaching students to love, pursue, and worship Jesus while leading others to do the same.

Senior Adult Ministry 


IT WAS A GOOD TRIP. . . to Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler for their "I Love America" concert on Sunday, June 24. We carried 19 people and were all moved by the inspiring scenes and music. It was a great experience! 


I SHARED. . .  last month about the extension of our homebound Homebound Ministry with the use of CD players. We have five units, complete with a CD of our worship services that will be placed into service this month. In many of our visits, a Homebound member will ask about the church and tell us how much they miss being here. We're praying that these CD players and the CDs will keep them connected to what's going on at Field Street. 



LOOKING FORWARD. . .to the fall. I'm working on my next MABS study that will begin in the fall. I'm calling it: "HANDWRITING ON THE WALL," based on the experience of Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel. It will be a five-week study that will explore what is happening in our world today. Could it be that we might see the finger of God again. . . writing on the wall? Could it be that God has a message, not only for America, Israel, and the Church, but also for the whole world? If so, what will it be?


  --John Glover

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