It has now been four months since our last Update – and since the world began to be upended by the global COVID-19 pandemic. In that Update we suggested that disruptions from the pandemic would last “months”, and it is now clear that was a conservative estimate. Hundreds of millions of people across the world will be living with direct disruptions from the pandemic for many months still, and many of its indirect impacts will become ongoing parts of our lives.  
After taking decisive action to protect our staff here in the US and abroad, FSG actively adapted its operations to continue doing what it does best in this radically new environment – working with our partners across the world to generate information and perspectives on how public and private food system stakeholders can confront their development challenges. On April 1, FSG launched its COVID-19 website, featuring a range of perspectives on the challenge and drawing attention from across the world. FSG faculty have made several dozen presentations globally and at country level on the impact of the pandemic on food systems, and priorities for policy and programmatic action. Our group has also launched – through its Innovation Lab on Food Security Policy Research, Capacity, and Influence (PRCI) and with great leadership from Drs. Saweda Liverpool-Tasie and Nicole Mason-Wardell – a fully online technical training program bringing together dozens of partner researchers across Africa in participatory training sessions to improve their research skills. We’ve also engaged more broadly with our partners, with Dr. John Medendorp and Ms. Cait Goddard working with leadership of ReNAPRI (the Regional Network of Agricultural Policy Research Institutes) in an intensive, and again fully online, strategic planning effort for the network. And of course, FSG has done research – cellphone surveys in Nigeria and Myanmar, a set of cross-country surveys beginning to roll out as this Newsletter goes to press, and collaboration with academic and USAID colleagues on a major analysis of response priorities for addressing the impact of the pandemic on food systems.  
Of particular note is that, for the third time in the last five years, FSG faculty are providing technical leadership for AGRA’s annual African Agricultural Status Report (AASR), this year in the person of Dr. Steven Haggblade. Over these five years, FSG faculty have also contributed to 40% of all chapters in the AASRs. FSG is proud of its role in bringing top quality applied academic research to bear on practical development issues across the globe and in particular in Africa.  
This Update leads with a feature on Dr. Haggblade’s work on the AASR, and also features current work by FSG faculty on the benefits of sustainable seafood commoditization; on cutting edge research showing that what farmers do not know about pesticides can hurt them; and on how to develop a healthier worldwide population through the foods that we eat. Blog posts cover results of a survey on responses of men and women in Africa to COVID-19, and data and knowledge gaps that limit quick and precise responses to COVID-19. You’ll find information below on PRCI’s training efforts, and on recent webinars on PRCI’s platform. Notable personnel events include an MSU award to Dr. David Ortega for emerging leadership in international studies and programs. We close as always with links to FSG faculty’s peer review publications during the quarter, highlighting our group’s focus on high quality scholarly work to guide practical action to improve lives.  
Best to you all as you work to stay safe, and physically and mentally healthy during these very challenging times.
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