Ecomate Technology - Celebrating 15 Years of Success
As the industry-leader in environmentally responsible polyurethanes, Foam Supplies, Inc. is proud to mark the 15th anniversary of our ecomateĀ® blowing agent technology being approved to replace HCFCs and HFCs under the US EPA SNAP program.

In commercial use since 2003 by leading boat manufacturers, our ecomarineā„¢ ecomate-based flotation foams are the most proven regulatory compliant foams on the market today. Ecomate-based foams offer unmatched performance, processing latitude, consistency and a robust supply, as well as the following advantages...

  • Zero global warming
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • Zero marine pollutants
  • VOC-exempt
  • US Coast Guard compliant
  • Economical - no increase in costs

Ecomate-based technology is a win-win for regulatory compliance and quality.

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