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Student Spotlight 
Getting to Know... 
Alecia D.!

Each month, Fostering Success Michigan  features  a Student Spotlight that celebrates the  accomplishments and achievements of students  with experience in foster care.

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Meet Alecia D.!

What's your year in college? What major? 

MG: I am currently in my second year of college at Ferris State University. I will be in junior status this upcoming summer semester. My major is Human Resource Management with an additional two minors in International Business and Economics. 

FSM:  What are you passionate about communicating to fellow students? 

MG: I love communicating to students that any of your downfalls can result in successful comebacks. Whether your downfall relates to your college experience or not, looking forward to trials and tribulations and taking them head on will give you more in return than intended. Intimidation should not cause fear but strike a challenge. When the goal is to be strong, you will never fail. 

FSM: What would you like to tell professionals and supportive adults?  

MG:  To all the professionals and supportive adults, I would like to say thank you. You are the reason students like I become successful. The understanding, commitment, patience, love, and caring are attributes I appreciate receiving - especially from another person who does not have to! One thing I would like to bring up is that we students sometimes do not realize that you are a person, just like we are. Throughout my life, I have been looking up to individuals and role models such as yourselves that I think are perfect. This is especially true to the individuals I have met during college. An important realization I have come across is that not one person I have met is perfect. I have made mistakes by expecting far more from professionals and supportive adults without realizing that they, too, are human like me. Expressing this to students will make establishing relationships more personable and comfortable. Ultimately, communication will develop easier and students will be more understanding. Again, thank you. 
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Alecia is a Fostering Success Michigan Student Blogger! Check out Alecia's Student Blog Post on FSM's Student Stories Page coming in April, featuring her words of wisdom about navigating school break time. 

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