Fostering Success Michigan                    Student Spotlight                   April 2016
Student Spotlight 
Getting to Know... 
Mercie F.!

Each month, Fostering Success Michigan  features  a Student Spotlight that celebrates the  accomplishments and achievements of students  with experience in foster care.

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Meet Mercie F.!    

What's your year in college? What major? 

MF: I am currently finishing up my Junior year at Michigan State University, and am close to finishing a BA degree in Psychology.

FSM:  What are you passionate about communicating to fellow students? 

MF: I am extremely passionate about communicating and motivating other fellow students that we all have an extraordinary amount of potential. It is our potential that we can use to aim high and achieve goals without setting a limit for ourselves. Realizing that using our fullest potential in any issue at hand will have it's ups and downs, but when you look back at where you were you will know that those struggles were worth it to accomplish your goals, whatever they may be. 

FSM: What would you like to tell professionals and supportive adults?  

MF:  When you look at me I don't want you to see another child who has experienced life in foster care. Instead I want you to see me as a strong independent individual who is using their full potential to obtain a professional career in the near future and who is grateful for all of your support to get where I am today. Keep on encouraging and supporting those around you because the impact it has on an individual is truly amazing.  
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Mercie is a Fostering Success Michigan Student Blogger! Check out upcoming Student Blog Posts on FSM's Student Stories Page!

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