Jeff Rogness, who lives in Danville, California, recently made a donation to FSPA. When FSPA Mission Advancement Director, Rochelle Nicks, shared his story with the sisters, Sister Maria Friedman reached out to Jeff. They began communicating regularly and in July, Jeff came to visit. Here is a portion of Jeff's note to FSPA:
“I graduated from Viterbo University in 1993 and have many positive and inspiring memories of the FSPA. Like so many, I spent time during 2020 in the ICU while fighting COVID-19. I had pneumonia and respiratory failure, and was on a ventilator for 14 days. While hospitalized, I vividly remembered that the sisters pray for us, and although I was not feeling totally worthy of asking for the help, I needed it. I asked for strength and guidance from the sisters, saying the St. Rose Convent address out loud. I knew exactly where I was sending my request and had faith my prayer was getting to the right people. It is amazing the impact the sisters have had on me; how my mind, heart and soul reached out to them when I was desperately searching for help. No dollar will ever be able to truly convey my gratitude, but I am sending this to let you all know that even all these years later, your efforts and impact continue to live on. Thank you all so much from not only me, but from my entire family.”