Dear Friend,

It has been quite a year for all of us here at the Foundation. We have faced many challenges, but with the help of so many - faculty, students, practitioners, Board members, and staff, as well as all those who work with the spirits to help our world - we have been able to rise to the occasion. We have continued and expanded our shamanic training through the online knowledge and healing series, appointed two new Living Treasures of Shamanism, and have come together to support each other through experiential community meetings. We have plans to continue our advanced in-person residential programs in the coming year. (See below for some highlights of 2021.)

We are touched and inspired by your support and participation. (View our holiday thank you message.)

May this season of light and reconnection bring you health, renewed strength, hope, and joy as we work to transform our world.

In gratitude,
Susan Mokelke

The administrative office will be closed starting Friday, December 24, 2021 and will reopen Monday, January 3, 2022, so that we may enjoy the holidays with our families. Visit shamanism.org for info during that time. Email will be checked on a limited basis.


FSS online workshops began in May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We started with the Knowledge & Power Series, designed to apply shamanic awareness and the power of the compassionate spirits to personal, local, and global issues. In January 2021, the Online Shamanic Healing Training Program was added. Each workshop is based in Michael Harner’s pioneering core shamanism and carefully crafted to be effective in the digital environment. FSS faculty teach these fully interactive and experiential workshops via video conferencing. The programs have been very well received, with more than 1,700 students attending online workshops. 

The knowledge and healing programs offer highly effective choices for students who want to learn the “way of the shaman,” where travel, work, family or other personal considerations make in-person attendance impractical. Online training also provides flexible options for those seeking to review, deepen, and enhance their shamanic practice and knowledge.
"Exhilarating in this day and age that something so liberating
could be made so accessible. Afterwards, I was so
inspired and encouraged I journeyed for a few more hours
and was uplifted by the results. This workshop was a life changer;
so much more than imagined was given to me." 
Student, The Shamanic Journey
In October, the FSS released Core Shamanism Healing Practice, the final workshop in the online Shamanic Healing Training Program. The workshop is the culmination of the fundamental shamanic healing methods presented in the series: power animal retrieval, extraction healing, psychopomp work with the spirits of the deceased, and power soul retrieval. Completion of this workshop and its prerequisites qualifies participants for the Certificate of Completion for the online Shamanic Healing Training Program. Index of all FSS online offerings.
The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Living Treasures of Shamanism. Kapi Waurá is a female shaman of the Wauja people from the Amazon of Central Brazil. She became a shaman when, after suffering a lingering illness, she spontaneously had a vision and saw spirits associated with certain animals. MORE about Kapi

Saintsetseg is a Dukha shaman from the Siberian frontier. She lives among a small band of nomadic reindeer herders, and comes from a lineage of famous shamans whose traditional practices represent the oldest variant of shamanism found in Mongolia. MORE about Saintsetseg

Kapi Waura & Saintsetseg
Kapi Waurá (left), photo by Yaukuma Waurá. Saintsetseg (right), photo by Susan Grimaldi.
After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, the FSS is now hopeful that our in-person residential programs can safely resume in 2022. The FSS places a high priority on both the safety and the unparalleled quality of these programs. For the latest information on the status and schedule of the residential programs, visit the FSS website:

IN-PERSON WEEKEND WORKSHOPS. We are looking forward to resuming the FSS weekend workshops in the USA and Canada early in 2022. Visit the in-person workshops index page (scroll down past the yellow banner) for information, index, and links for our authentic and time-tested workshops in core shamanism.
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