FSU College of Law completed its first fundraising campaign in 1978. According to the law school’s Obiter Dictum newsletter from Winter 1978, the College of Law’s Board of Visitors joined the drive with a challenge gift of $10,000 and 47% of alumni contributed for a total $17,500. The faculty also showed their support with 100% contributing a minimum of $100. In contrast, for fiscal year 2015-16, 30.67% of alumni contributed $1,143,381 to FSU Law. That giving rate places us among the nation's top 10 law schools - and the top three public law schools - in terms of alumni giving. The 1978 Obiter Dictum also reported that a second endowed chair was created by the Trustees of the Law School Fund of the FSU Foundation. Professor John F. Yetter was named to the position. One of our most high-profile alums, Tony La Russa, also graduated in 1978. Currently the chief baseball analyst/advisor for the Arizona Diamondbacks, La Russa is best known for managing the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals. After retiring from his playing career, La Russa earned his J.D. with the intention of practicing law. Instead, he had the opportunity to coach a minor league team and continued to use the critical thinking, public speaking and problem solving skills gained from law school in a non-traditional career.