In April of 1977, FSU’s Governmental Law Center received a $25,000 grant to help revise the Florida Constitution. At the request of Governor Reubin Askew’s Office, the center worked with the University of Florida Center for Governmental Responsibility in an examination of the 12 articles of the Constitution. FSU law students looked at articles one through four, six and nine to research problems faced by other states and programs in other states that may have been more successful. Also in 1977, the Florida Legislature followed several lean budget years with a $10 million special appropriation to the nine libraries of the state universities. FSU law librarian Edwin Schroeder called his 1977 book budget “beautiful,” and was expected to add around 10,000 volumes and 10,000 microfilms. Student and faculty needs, along with innovations in legal research technology, have driven dramatic changes in the Research Center's collections over the years. As more legal materials become available digitally, the Research Center has consolidated the print and microform collection to create more space for student study. The Research Center's current collection stands at more than 287,938 titles and 756,561 volumes, with more than half of those figures representing online databases and other electronic resources.