Many of the law school’s alumni and faculty played starring roles in the wake of the 2000 presidential election. During the 36-day post-election drama, much of the action centered around the Florida Supreme Court, two blocks from the law school. It became known as “Ground Zero” and alumni Judges Terry Lewis (’76) and Nikki Clark (’77), and faculty members Nat Stern and Steve Gey became familiar players on TV broadcasts and front-page newspaper stories around the world. Earlier in the year, the Spring 2000 issue of FSU Law magazine featured an article about the dedication of the Virgil D. Hawkins Collection in the College of Law’s library. The collection was dedicated to the late Lake County civil rights pioneer who in 1949 was denied admission to the University of Florida Law School, the only public law school in the state. The rejection of Hawkins’ application began a series of events that eventually brought about desegregation of the state’s public universities and Hawkins was referred to as “Florida’s Rosa Parks.” Also in 2000, the Children’s Advocacy Center received international coverage for its representation of Jessica Robinson, who was incarcerated as an adult for a murder she committed at age 13. Professor Paolo Annino and Claudia Kemp (’00) were interviewed extensively for a cover story in The New York Times Magazine and for a story that aired on the National Public Radio show, “This American Life.”