In 2004, FSU Law created its Placement Mentor program. As mentors, alumni make themselves available to students to answer questions about job search strategies, networking and breaking into markets, whether that be practice areas or location. This program still exists today, although the name was recently changed to Professional Development Mentors when the Placement and Professional Development Office was renamed the Career Services and Professional Development Center. Also in 2004, Professor Emeritus and Library Director Edwin M. Schroeder retired after 35 years at FSU Law. He arrived at FSU in 1969, just as the first class of students was graduating. In Professor Steven G. Gey’s tribute to Schroeder, published in the summer 2004 issue of the FSU Law Review, he referred to Schroeder as an "institutional cornerstone." Schroeder helped plan the law library addition in the early 1980s and was instrumental in the creation of the Summer Program in Law at Oxford University, a program he directed for 23 years. Janet Reno, former U.S. Attorney General, spoke to students, faculty and guests at the law school in October 2004, recounting her days at the White House and answering questions. In November 2004, alumnus Mel Martinez ('73) was elected as a U.S. senator. He was the first Cuban-American to be elected a U.S. senator and the first FSU Law graduate to reach the position.