The final two homes in the James Harold Thompson Green project were brought to campus in 1988. In January, the 19th century Damon House was donated by the City of Tallahassee and moved from the corner of College and Duval Streets. In August, the Stanley House, a South Georgia farmhouse donated by FSU alumni Sandra and Henry C. Wortman, was relocated to the Green. In 1988, the rotunda addition was also completed. The rotunda dome was made from Hormalite, a special concrete with glass fiber reinforcement. The dome, 45-feet in diameter, has 16 segments each weighing 1,400 pounds. It was reported that the structure was the world’s largest dome made from Hormalite at that time. Today, the Rotunda is one of the main event areas at the law school, frequently used to host guest speakers and events where students and alums network. Also in 1988, long-time FSU Law administrator Elora Harwood retired. Harwood joined the law school in June of 1967 as secretary to Dean Mason Ladd and was an instrumental member of the administration. Upon her retirement, she was serving as director of placement and alumni affairs. “Elora has helped us build a tradition,” said then-Alumni Association President Wayne Hogan in the September 1988 alumni newsletter. “None of us will forget her.”