The FSU Public Interest Law Center (PILC) has been helping the community and training students since 1991. Through PILC, students earn academic credit while providing legal services to under-represented individuals. The Center, which today is comprised of two live-client clinics—the Children’s Advocacy Clinic and the Family Law Clinic, has been featured in many national and international media stories and its groundbreaking work has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court. PILC allows students to gain hands-on and valuable real-world work experience, and it provided a way for students to fulfill the pro bono graduation requirements instituted in 1990, as mentioned in last week’s newsletter. PILC co-directors are FSU Law long-time professors Paolo Annino ('83), the Glass Professor of Public Interest Law, who directs the Children’s Advocacy Clinic, and Ruth E. Stone ('77), the Wayne and Pat Hogan Professor of Trial Practice, who directs the Family Law Clinic. Also in 1991, Dean Sheldon F. Kurtz left the Florida State College of Law after two years as dean at the school. Don Weidner, who had been a professor at Florida State Law since 1976, was appointed dean. Except for a one-year break when Paul A. LeBel served as dean in 1997-1998, Dean Emeritus Weidner led the law school as dean until retiring from the position in 2016.