President Emeritus and Professor Talbot “Sandy” D’Alemberte became dean of FSU Law in 1984. He served as dean until 1989. D'Alemberte was the president of the American Bar Association from 1991 to 1992 and was later appointed president of FSU, where he served until 2003. D’Alemberte has won numerous awards for his contributions to the legal profession and still teaches on campus as a student favorite. FSU Law also began a law school public service fellowship program in 1984. Made possible by a grant from The Florida Bar Foundation, the program was designed to attract and direct students to public service careers. An article in the Nov. 1, 1984 issue of The Florida Bar News said that approximately 10 fellowships would be awarded each year. Each fellow was required to spend at least 12 weeks of the summers after their 1L and 2L years working in a public service position and then write a major paper about a legal issue that arose during their experience. Also in 1984, the Florida Supreme Court gave FSU College of Law permission to videotape every session of court. The tapes were stored in the FSU law library as a permanent historical archive and, through what was advanced technology at the time, faculty and students could search the recordings by computer to watch specific cases.