The Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laborator y Workshops
Exploring Nature: Evening at the Edge of the Sea
2017 Spring & Summer Dates  
Workshop Description
Ever wonder how a hermit crab selects a shell or how a predatory snail tracks and attacks its prey? Come join Dr. Heidi Geisz for a short course on the edge of Apalachee Bay. Explore the many creatures that live at the interface of land and sea and discuss how they make a living in this highly variable environment. Be ready to get muddy, of course, and enjoy yourself being in nature.
This course is designed to educate and inspire you through a hands-on experience with the strange and wonderful sea life along our pristine shores and shallows. We begin with a brief, illustrated overview of the general ecology of this part of the Gulf of Mexico, spotlighting its more intriguing habitats and organisms. After a short, guided walking tour of the Lab, we will meet some of the local marine denizens in our seawater touch-tanks. From there, we don wading shoes and walk the exposed tidal sands where an array of fascinating creatures can be seen. The evening ends in the auditorium for some Q & A, visiting and refreshments.
Class limit:  12 people. Minimum age: 9 years
Children 9-13 years old must be accompanied by a paying adult.    
What to bring:  old sneakers or similar close-toed shoes. No sandals  or other open-toed shoes.  

 Saturday 6th Wednesday 10th

 Saturday 10th Wednesday 21th
Saturday 24th

 Saturday 8th Wednesday 19th
Saturday 22th

Saturday 5th

Time: 6-9PM
Location: FSUCML
Registration closes one week before the class, or until full
Price: $15 per person

Dr. Heidi Geisz (FSUCML adjunct faculty) gravitated to the coast from Colorado 20 years ago. Although most of her experience is in the Antarctic marine ecosystem, studying at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science allowed her to explore the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean coasts. Following a fellowship in the House Natural Resources Committee, her most recent interests include marine science policy and education.