APRIL 2017 
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More flights, longer seasons...it just keeps getting better!
  • Nonstop service from six cities, 12% more seats
  • Extended SFO service begins early June
  • Extended SEA service June - December
  • New PDX service June - September
Traveling to Sun Valley this summer and fall will continue to be more convenient with a projected 12% increase in airline seat capacity on nonstop flights from six major cities for the upcoming 2017 summer and fall season, officials with Fly Sun Valley Alliance (FSVA) announced.
  • United Airlines will offer expanded seasonal summer service between San Francisco (SFO) and Sun Valley (SUN) from June 10 through Sept 5, with fall dates to be confirmed soon.
  • United Airlines will offer seasonal summer service between Denver (DEN) from June 30 -Sept 5, with fall dates to be confirmed soon.
  • Alaska Airlines will offer expanded seasonal service between Seattle (SEA) and SUN from June 9 through December, meaning there is now 10 months of service on this route for 2017.
  • Alaska Airlines will offer expanded seasonal service between Los Angeles (LAX) and SUN from June 9 through October 15.
  • Alaska Airlines will offer its new service between Portland (PDX) and SUN from June 14 - September 16.
  • Delta Air Lines will offer three daily year-round flights from Salt Lake City (SLC) for most of the summer and fall season and will also offer nonstop flights from Los Angeles (LAX) on Saturdays and Sundays and nonstop flights from Seattle (SEA) on Saturdays during the peak summer season.
Most flights are now available for booking online. United fall flights will be confirmed and available for booking online soon. The 2017 SUN summer/fall flight schedule can be found HERE.
FSVA and Sun Valley Resort worked with SUN airline partners to optimize the flight schedule for this coming season based on past performance, projected demand and other factors, with a strategic focus on extension of service during the early summer and fall periods. We are especially pleased to have successfully worked with Alaska Airlines to provide the nonstop Seattle flights throughout the entire fall season as well as begin the United Airlines San Francisco daily flights earlier in June, both which will be a big benefit to local and business travelers, as well as visitors.
FSVA is continuing to work with our airline partners to strategically increase our air service access and the marketing of that service, a strategy which has proven successful. For example, this past winter season we increased our contract air seats by 24% and the bookings for those seats also increased by 24%. We look forward to a strong summer and fall season with more air travelers utilizing the convenient flights and competitive fares being offered at our wonderful local airport. FLY SUN!


Hailey City Council member Don Keirn was recently appointed by Hailey Mayor Fritz Haemmerle to serve as ex-officio liason for City of Hailey on the FSVA Board of Directors. Don replaces Martha Burke, who served in this role on the FSVA Board for many years and we thank Martha for her outstanding service.  Don is also the newly elected Chair of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority Board so he will provide a deep knowledge and unique perspective to FSVA from both of his important roles. Welcome Don - we look forward to having you on board!   

The next meeting of the Friedman Memorial Airport Authority:  
Tuesday, May 2, 5:30pm Old Blaine County Courthouse, Hailey
FMAA board meeting agendas and packets available HERE 
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