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November 30, 2017
FSVC Begins New Program on Public Financial Management in Angola

As part of a new program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to strengthen anti-corruption efforts in Angola and Swaziland, FSVC volunteer experts trained civil society organizations (CSOs) in Angola on how to draft budget policy reform proposals. Despite recent progress, civil society engagement on budget issues in Angola has remained limited. A key challenge facing CSOs is to develop the capacity to draft and distribute opinion and policy papers to increase public demand for open and transparent budgets in Angola. 

To address this challenge, FSVC volunteer experts trained CSO members of the recently formed budget coalition, the Group of CSOs for Budget Participation (GOSCOP), in international best practices in budget proposal development procedures. The volunteer experts guided the CSOs in practical exercises to draft reform proposals to obtain more resources for the health and education sectors. As a result, members of the GOSCOP now have the practical knowledge needed to develop budget policy reform proposals, and thus have the capacity to more effectively advocate on behalf of citizens. 
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Albania: Strengthening the Capacity of the Tax Authority

Since 2016, FSVC has worked to improve tax collection in Albania by strengthening the General Directorate of Taxation (GDT). Improved tax collection is a key component of the Government of Albania's strategy to bring more people and businesses into the formal financial sector, and to provide enhanced public goods and services to its citizens. This program is funded by USAID and administered by the Volunteers for Economic Growth Alliance (VEGA).

In November, FSVC recruited two volunteer experts from Irish Revenue to lead a workshop on management training for the senior management of the GDT. The training was tailored to address shortcomings in the GDT’s management style based on previous diagnostic work conducted by FSVC volunteer experts. Through a series of discussions, the volunteer experts addressed a wide array of management issues, including leadership, communication and change management.

As a result of this training, the GDT senior management received key recommendations on how to improve the GDT's oversight of internal operations. By strengthening the internal capacity of the GDT, FSVC is helping the GDT manage more effectively the collection and administration of public revenues.
Moldova: Developing a Media and Social Media Strategy for the Central Bank

Because the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) had difficulty communicating with the public during the banking crisis in Moldova in 2014, F SVC is working with the NBM to strengthen its crisis communications strategy and approach.

As part of these efforts, FSVC volunteer experts traveled to Chisinau to help the NBM d evelop a media and social media communications plan. They also participated in a mass media forum, dedicated to strengthening the relationship between mass media and public authorities. Thanks to this project, NBM participants are now more confident in their ability to craft clear messages, and communicate directly with the press and the public through social media platforms. As a result, the NBM is better positioned to communicate across multiple channels in the event of a future financial crisis.

FSVC's program to support economic growth in Moldova and enhance the institutional capacity of the NBM is funded by USAID and administered by VEGA.
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